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East Anglian Book Awards

Have you had a novel or collection of stories published that is/are predominantly set in East Anglia? We are looking for entries, details of the judges: here. The book must be published between for the first time between August 1, … Continue reading

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Slothful Lackadaisical Listless Lifeless Indolent Sluggish Lethargic Miserable Gloomy Jaded Melancholy Splenetic Depressed Fed up Unable to be arsed Cmon Stokies, snap out of it; I haven’t had one ‘amusing’ remark this week. Not one.

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Pictorial # 5

These girls were hanging over the bridge post-match waving their Barcelona scarves: ‘We are all anti-Man United supporters today,’ they were saying ahead of some other match and the Manchester City fans more than appreciated the gesture.

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Normal Human Being

You heard it here first; Dot is going to be huge; video made in Paris btw (cross ref to something, somewhere).

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I’ve always been a bit fey

And now I know why. Martin Amis was interviewed in yesterday’s Observer where he made this aphoristic observation: You have to be slightly innocent to be a novelist. You can’t have too much nous. It gets in the way somehow. … Continue reading

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I just couldn’t resist it, via Motorola

I noticed this sign while I was stopped at the traffic lights in Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent, last Sunday lunchtime before the Mighty Potters proved to strong for West Ham.! There was a terrier sitting in the window of the house looking … Continue reading

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The Moons in Norwich Tonight, via Motorola

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