Walking with Ollie

Many thanks to all of you who have expressed your condolences; they have been a comfort in this terrible time. I’m closing correspondence here, but I’ll leave you with words from the man himself. He’ll be walking with Ollie now.

“The time nears when Ollie receives his clean bill of health. Each day for the past few weeks we have been jogging together in parkland, still using the leash, just to get him moving a bit faster, to warm his muscles. All this enforced proximity has finalised our bond. He has actually come up to my office and wagged his tail. He sits under my desk when I type and sometimes he licks my bare feet, which can only mean they taste nice.
Very soon the moment will arrive when his normal life returns. I am itching to slip the ring and let him go, because there are two things I have missed during the period of his confinement more than I would have imagined possible. One is watching him run. The other is walking with him, out in nature, seeing him free, and being free myself.”

From ‘Walking Ollie’, by Stephen Foster.

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