East Anglian Book Awards

Have you had a novel or collection of stories published that is/are predominantly set in East Anglia? We are looking for entries, details of the judges: here.

The book must be published between for the first time between August 1, 2010 and July 31, 2011. The other categories and the entry details are to be found on this link

East Anglian Landscape, Winterton-on-Sea

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5 Responses to East Anglian Book Awards

  1. OS says:

    An honour indeed, winger, considering last year’s judge was Louis de Bernieres, who lives in Diss. His Captain Correlli’s Mandolin is one of my all-time favourite reads.

    Looks like East Anglia is becoming the place to be for writers. Maybe I should move over there and claim my place. 😉

    Hi, ChiffS. XXX

  2. calvininjax says:

    I like the seascape. Is it one of yours, Stephen?

    We are not worthy. 🙂

    Like OS, I am contemplating moving over there but to claim my plaice. 🙂 With chips and peas, it should be a real and rare treat.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    That is one of mine Calvin, from ray back.

  4. OS says:

    I’ve been looking at it again. A moment captured in time, to be oft repeated, but never quite the same.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    There’s a lot of lovely colour-banding in it.

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