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It’s come to the Blogmeister’s attention that there has been some displacement activity followed by some digression on the Booyakasha Comments thread. As follows. Do join in if it might help. But first of all we need to ask you some questions for security purposes under the data protection act. How many letters are there in your dog’s first birthday…?

OS says:
June 1, 2011 at 11:12 am

Today, rather than cleaning the windows, I wrote two letters in an OS Moment. One to Carphone Warehouse telling them they were bunch on con artists and utter
tossers, and the other to their insurance company telling them they are bigger swindlers that those who swindle them.

Katie lost her phone. I went to The Carphone Warehouse, gave them chapter and verse on how it happened and a police crime number, and expected them to replace the lost phone because it was insured. The matter was ‘referred’. I then received a letter from ‘Geek Insurance’ asking me for further details, including all the minutiae of what type of bag it was in; what sort of clasp it had; who was the last call made to, and why; a copy of the police report; etc. etc. etc. The bloody thing is an 18 month old LG Cookie, and I told them I was withdrawing the piffling claim because I have an impeccable insurance record and I have no intention of allowing a company that calls itself ‘Geek Insurance’ to ruin my reputation.

What I didn’t tell them is that I’ve stopped the last six direct debit payments, which will just about get me a phone like for like to the one that is lost. I expect another letter from them in due course asking me why I’ve stopped the payments, and I’ll enjoy not cleaning the windows again.

markelt says:
June 1, 2011 at 11:53 am

The mission statement of all insurance companies is ‘give us your money, then f*ck *ff’. I’ve had those questionnaires when I was burgled twice. The subtext behind every question is this: give us just one reason not to pay you.

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4 Responses to Blog rantline

  1. Stephen Foster says:

    I didn’t know you could do a standing order from a tea box under the floorboards.

  2. OS says:

    Shhhhhh… you fule, or you’ll have the Elt-Towers burglars tunnelling under Bag End.

    Another anecdote. 😉

    I was in Bargain Booze this morning talking to Mary With the Fabulous Hair, and we were chatting about the old five quid notes.

    She serves in there, and she said an old bloke came in the other day with a big roll of these…

    …and tried to pay for stuff with them. She said they stunk. 🙂

  3. Daftburger says:

    I used to work in payment protection insurance claims. What a con that is. Luckily they’ve had to pay a lot of it back! One word Pre-existing conditions! 😉

  4. OS says:

    >One word Pre-existing conditions!

    I know all about those. It’s why I never have travel insurance anymore. I never set out to be disingenuous, but I really can’t recall them all, and I know that if I miss one out, my insurance becomes null and void.

    The only insurances I will have from now on in are for my car and the couple of Whole Life ones that will give me, hopefully, a half decent send off and enough left for the fifty or so skips that will be needed when they clear Bad End. 🙂

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