The Mogul’s Eye View

A message comes in from Jack: Heyup pops! this is where Sir Alex will be on Saturday. Tinchy is ‘doing the Stacey Solomon’ and opening the show for the Champions League Final by all accounts. I can only hope that one day the boy will get himself a proper job [emoticon here].

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4 Responses to The Mogul’s Eye View

  1. Daftburger says:

    If that’s his view then all that alcohol he’s consumed has finally caught up with him in thr form of “Kalnienk Vision”. 😀

  2. OS says:

    That’s amazing! Jack is fast becoming the new Simon Cowell/Max Clifford without the vagarious swagger. Go Tinchy!

  3. calvininjax says:

    So is Tinchy a lifelong Man U supporter as The Guardian states?

    Or is he a big Celtic fan, as stated in his Wikipedia entry?

    The public deserves to know, unless he has taken out a super injunction. 😉

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