Conceptually Intact

Is one of my favourite expressions; I’m keen on art that is conceptually intact because it’s usually good (thoughtful, at least) and also the phrase has the note of Pseud’s Corner about it and that is arch. When I was a first year at Art School I used to wander Fine Art (which was at the top of the school, the penthouse landing) looking to make friends with those from the Temple. Many of them disregarded us riff-raff from Cultural Studies, but I did converse with certain cases and after some time I had a Fine Art best friend, a man called Sam who I greatly admired because he used to do the cartooning for the Numbskulls in the Beezer. He lost his way a bit in his final year but he pulled it all together in the end by working in the corridor where he pasted the day’s newspapers to the wall and proceeded to cartoon items from the day’s news onto them; he over-papered each day and did it again for weeks on end. All the while he wore a paper hat that he’d fashioned from one of the broadsheets, and that changed every day too, with the news. He filmed the whole thing (on actual film, I think, not video) and played it fast forward like a Tom and Jerry chase sequence for his degree show. At the end of the corridor he had bin liners full of all the paper he’d torn off the walls and just the last cartoon remained on the wall. For me, the whole thing could hardly have been more conceptually intact.

Which brings me onto this print below that Shep Book Jacket Designer has kindly sent me in the post; I bagged it from the ebay link a few weeks back but I hadn’t realised exactly what it was; whereas I thought they were Subbuteo men superimposed or photo-shopped into some (any) football landscape I have learned (which I would have seen if I’d looked more closely) that they’re at the Britannia Stadium and that they’re in the positions of actual players in a situation of play and that Shep has added the shadowing in.

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8 Responses to Conceptually Intact

  1. Daftburger says:

    Whose*, and by that I mean which teams, are playing. Or is that ‘us’ playing in our new away kit. Amazing foresight!

  2. shep207 says:

    Arsenal and Newcastle unfortunately. I think they are the teams that came with my dad’s Subbuteo set and it never crossed my mind to check ebay at the time, although I wish I had..

  3. Daftburger says:

    I suppose we could dream that it was the Blue Square Premiership Play-Off game at the Brit! 😀

  4. Laura says:

    The ball…is huge 😉

  5. shep207 says:

    That’s the standard size for Subbuteo a ball.
    If you’re interested (which you won’t be), it’s the Italia ’90 edition ball. I always loved the logo for that World Cup..

    p.s. Can someone please tell me how to insert images on here as the usual html tags never work for me..

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    You’re the technical whizz kid!

    I think I’ve only ever seen videos doen here: I think that an image is always a link…

  7. OS says:

    Only the blogmeister can upload pics to the blog, Shep Book Jacket Designer.

  8. OS says:

    *claps handies across t’internet’*

    Nice one, Daftbugger. 😉

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