Well done Wigan

It was nice to see the explosion of joy and I’ve really got nothing against them apart from they’ve got no pier.

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  1. Chiffs says:

    Are they peerless then?
    (I’d like to say you missed nothing Carole, but I’d be lying – Jermaine Pennant for starters . . .)

  2. AndyP says:

    And alas no Casino either.

    So what did you make of that season Winger? Progress? You will have seen the Potters more than I did so I respect and request your honest assessment. The much heralded top ten finish went a bit astray in the end. In fact we finished with one point less and two places below the 2009/10 season. We actually finished one place below our first Premiership season (but with one point more). We did win 13 times which is the most in a Premiership season, and we did score 12 more goals than last campaign, but still only a paltry 46.

    I know there was the trip to Wembley (twice), an astonishing semi final, and ultimately disappointing final, but do you accept the “remarkable achievement” school of thought which seems to be the majority (and easy) view or do you delve a little deeper and conclude that Pulis benefited from a large dollop of luck (as usual)? It’s true that you can only beat what’s in front of you but it was not until the semi final that Stoke played a team that was above them in the table at the time. I think there was a hint of the luck of the draw.

    So end of term report? Progress or treading water? Three year plan achieved. Can we expect a different outlook and style in the coming season with more creative purchases being regulars in the team? Or is it just another dose of spin? Answers on a postcard to…


    PS re Wigan. I like Martinez so glad they stayed up. Disappointed for Ollie and his tangerine entertainers though. Interesting how we only took one point from two of the relegated sides, and three points from the other.

  3. stephen foster says:

    We battered Arsenal now be off with you.

    Nb postcard to follow…

  4. Markelt says:

    They do have a pier

  5. OS says:

    Andy, all teams require that large dollop of luck. Having said that, had we not made it to Wembley, the season would have been a disappointment except for one or two supreme highlights. Definitely treading water. The loss/refusal-to-play Fuller soured it somewhat for me. For winger, I think it was the sale of the half-breed Arab wot did it. 😉

  6. stephen foster says:

    You can’t call that thing a pier.

    That’s cruel OS just when I was beginning to get over him *sob*

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘Had we not made it to Wemberely…’

    Are there no rhetorical depths to which you PHWs won’t sink?

  8. Daftburger says:

    Andy who the hell do you think you are Winston Smith? That’s dangerous talk round these parts since wingers trip to Damascus! 😀

    You’re right we are an average team in a very average league. Even Manure aren’t all they’re made up to be, bleeding Sky hype. Anyway better a lucky General………..etc.

  9. OS says:

    Whos winston smith?

  10. OS says:

    I feel in a cruel mood. Pulis does that to me. I could easily become a sadist now I’ve watched us fizzle out like a horny bloke finding out his blind date is dawn french.

  11. Markelt says:

    I live in the same village as George Formby whose Dad first called it the Pier.

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    First FA Cup Final ever; 4th year in Prem; Jermaine for me to get fawny over.


  13. Wingers Mum says:

    Enjoyed your visit Chiffs and Jermaine would be your highlight !!! xxx

  14. Markelt says:

    According to the Christopher Hitchens autobiography what I just read, Martin amis refused to read 1984 because on the first page Big Brother was described as ‘ruggedly handsome’

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    He managed to read She Stood There Laughing * – perhaps because I kept Pulis’ good looks off the first page.

    * Will_75 told me that, the enfant terrible is an in-law or something. I was most proud. Apparently MA described it the book as ‘a hostage to fortune’. I just call it Honest Rugged Prose.

  16. Markelt says:

    Have you got a story as good as the one about Hitchens being called a naughty boy and spanked by Thatch?

  17. OS says:

    Oh… he a protagonist.

  18. OS says:

    This is running along the same lines as the Fabal Noblyass thread on The Oatie. Where do we get told to go from here?

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