We interrupt this pictorial for a public service announcement

I was reading the small print in the back of the programme (£10) last night. The very last message is ‘Mind Your Language.’ ‘The FA will not tolerate foul language (except by players to the ref) or any abusive, racist, Islamaphobic, anti-semitic, homophobic or transphobic chanting at its matches. Since I’ve looked that last one up I can’t stop myself from composing lyrics.

In other news, Shep has done his genius and then I made grey-man buy one to test the system which means that the She Stood There Laughing ebook is currently 7,700 bestselling on Amazon Kindle. ‘You can stick your hard copies up your a*se’ etc…

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5 Responses to We interrupt this pictorial for a public service announcement

  1. Markelt says:

    I know the concern is that the electronic format is unlikely to be faithful to the original, but having seen it now I can assure everybodyit’s just as poor on a Kindle as it was in paperback. 🙂

    (I know that seems harsh, but how couldn’t I?)

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    * derogatory song about your literary habits here *

  3. I’ve tried to reason with myself, I’ve given myself a stiff talking to about Luddite tendancies but somehow I cannot bring myself to abandon that delicious feel of having a book in my hand, a bookmark to keep my page and the smell of a book, in favour of a piece of electronic gadgetry. I know all the arguements for a Kindle but I guess I’m just not ready to end the love affair I have with real books.

  4. Jane Davitt says:

    I have some of my books out in pb but most are ebooks and it’s defintely a growing market.

    I own over 4,000 real books but I had a Kobo for Christmas and I’ve managed to cram 700 books onto that and you prise it from my cold, dead hands. I’m dying to go on holiday so instead of filling the suitcase with around 20 books, I can slide one paperback in (to read in the bath) and my Kobo plus charger.

    I still feel that if I only own a book on the Kobo, it doesn’t count, but I’ve found dozens of rare, long out of print books, for free by authors I love, archived via Gutenburg and the like that I just wouldn’t be able to buy but can have, free and legal on my Kobo. I can also borrow ebooks for free from my library and I tell you, reading a 600 page wrist-breaker on a light as a feather Kobo is a nice change.

    Wishing you many Kindle sales!

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Jane, like both you and Katherine I treasure books as objects but I actually couldn’t publish this title I’m working on in the conventional way because I want it available in a few weeks time from Saturday’s Cup Final; it’ll be fascinating to see how we do…

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