Pictorial # 1

On the way down Sky phoned and asked me to do a bit to camera. Their HQ was on the roof of the Premier Inn just by Wembley Park underground; ‘Rooms from £29 a night’. It was a most Heath Robinson TV set consisting of two packing cases for the presenter, Nick, to stand on and a brolly for the cameraman to sit under. There was a plethora of pigeon shit underfoot but the view was outstanding.

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3 Responses to Pictorial # 1

  1. bumble says:

    was it £29 a night,

  2. OS says:

    Ask Swiss to send you a picture of my lot after the game. It’s on Shaz’s phone. They look as if they’ve just survived the blitz. It will make a brill inclusion for ‘The Final’ if you do pics in it. Even Jasper looks knackered.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Tell him to send it to me yourself; he never answers his phone the swiss git.

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