From NYC

To Wemberley.

There’s always one isn’t there. My mate Dr Graham Etherington with whom I have shared many happy hours on the roads since 2002 between Stoke and Norwich and Norwich and Grimsby or wherever has rather found himself in a spot ie. at a conference in the USA in the very same week that The Mighty Potters are involved in some football match for the first time in 148 years. So he is doing the only thing any sane man could and is flying back home on a 24 hour emergency leave. I asked him to send me a picture of his departure and he staged this one earlier as there will be nobody to about take it when he leaves. But there may be some people on this side to greet him when he arrives ie 25,000 pissed-up Stokies (official allocation, same for them, freeloaders get the rest). I wanted to be clear about the precise start point of this epic journey and Graham emailed as follows: I’m leaving my cabin (called Maniatis) at the Cold Spring Harbor (sic) Laboratory on Long Island, New York. I’ve been here for The Biology of Genomes Conference 2011.

Heroic; meet you at the Bobby Moore my friend.

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5 Responses to From NYC

  1. Daftburger says:

    My God look at his unironed trousers! 😛

    Have a great day all you Stokies at Wemberlee and just remember for every one of you there there’l be at least 5 at home sharing the same feeling and emotions!

    And don’t worry about your wives and girlfriends……… 😀


  2. Laura says:

    So the waiting is over…its just after 3pm…and sadly I don’t even know who Stoke City is playing at Wembley…however I wish you all well. What happens if you lose and Stephen didn’t swim,? I’m not sure the same ‘corned beef?’ sandwiches will be enough compensation for the change in pre-match routine. 😉

  3. Ron In Norwich says:

    Nice piece, hope Graham made it back in time, just so gutted that the day overall was a disappointment. Nice also to see what the Doctor is doing now as lost track of you two recently. Watched match at local pub, with an audience of just me!! Did OS get to the match?
    Going up to the Brit next Sunday for final game – maybe I dared to dream it would be a very special Sunday but I still need the visit to cleanse the mind and inspire the soul.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Hey up & Egads, Ron; I would have thought there were thousands of Stokies out in Poringland!

    It wasn’t the result we wanted obviuosly but it wasn’t as disappointing as all that; it was great to be there and our lot are getting showered with plaudits for staying behind at the finish and even applauding Manchester City as they took the trophy. We come out of it with an enhanced reputation as fans that’s for sure. And of course, we gave them a good kicking outside after 🙂

  5. Ron In Norwich says:

    If there were, they weren’t in my pub!! I had read how well we behaved after final whistle so, with our performance v Arsenal, I hope we get much more respect from the pundits. Have been very disappointed though as the News reports after the game, even on BBC, where they talk about the game but it is ages before they even mention SCFC by name. Still overall a great season, I’m sure we’d all have taken FAC final and 8th (maybe 9th) back at season start & we have Europe. Looking forward to Sunday. A least we didnt do a West Ham!! Best regards to all.

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