Rare creature

I was looking for a picture of something specific, Stoke City-related, oddly enough, but I could not find it and then I found this instead; there’s not a day go by I don’t think of that animal.

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  1. Geraldine says:

    Dylan just looks strong but Ollie managed to look fragile and strong at the same time.

    As you say, we are all Stokies underneath and as such I will be cheering you hoarse at Wemberley on Saturday.

  2. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    What a glorious photo! Makes me well up!
    Hope the wembley roars!

  3. Daftburger says:


    Arl tell thee a teel if thee angst on a bit
    Abyte sum blokes as refyowsed ter quit
    If thee seyst what ah meyn, Its Stoke City F Sey
    That’s th’ subject o’ t’ tee tarm gooing tell they

    It ow started ite last eighth o’ September
    Wen wey went ter Sythpowt if thee cost remember
    Wey beyt them little ‘uns withite much fuss
    And ow got jugged cumin back on t’ buzz

    Next it wer Oxford, an wey drow dyne theer
    But wey beyt ’em up ‘ere bee a cupple, dust ‘ere
    Then ite cumm’t droower fer next rynde
    T’wer Unarted awee, Owwer feevreete grynde0

    Wey drow theer thet neyt, but weyn pleed well
    Wen they cumst dyne ‘ere wey’ll givum ‘ell
    Buy wey drow dyne Stoke, an’ Big John wer sick
    Tow dissallyde gools in less than a wick

    But Big John thee knowst, ‘ey nyow wey’d get throw
    Ey scowed t’winner, an wey wun one-tow
    Th’ cryd went nuts wen ‘ey nodded eet in
    Thee cudsta bost thee eardrums in ow the din

    Fert Kwayter Farnals wey wus awee
    An’ pleed dyne at Bristol wun windee dee
    Wet thrashed ‘em wi’ foor,but they got tow
    Still, it didna mayter, since wey wus throw

    Wey’d dun it agen- t’ Semi- Farnals wer ‘ere
    Fert second tarm insard a yeer
    West Ham at wom in ‘t fost leg it wer
    They beyt us tow wun, but in wonna fer

    So it wer dyne ter Lundun in t’ followin wick
    Weer Big John’s gool did th’ farnal trick
    A greet perfowmance ‘ad seyn us pull bock
    On’t geets ‘er Wembly wey could still knock

    But..it wonna ow oover just yit, oower Kid
    Cus they ‘ad a penalty, thats what thee did
    T’wer Hurst agin Bonks, an wey wus sick
    That so neyer th’end theed got this kick

    Wey thowt it wer Sheffeyld ow oover agin
    But Bonks SEEVED t’shot ‘mungst a greet din
    Wey cheyrd until ower throwts wer soor
    Wey adna seyn such a seev afoor

    In t’ reyplee at ‘Illsbro ah cudna tell thee
    what teym wer goowin ter win that dee
    It wer cloose, ah wer scratin me yed
    An bartin me neels sif ah adna bin fed

    Wey drow noo gools up theer that neyt
    Ah cudna tell owd win itereyt
    But a sneykin feylin towd mey wey would
    Cus up at Owd Trafford wey’d beyt em fer good

    Ah wonna wrung, cus wey wun threy–tow
    An thysands an ‘ thysands sung th’ geem throw
    It wer Wembly at last wen t’wistle went
    An th’cryde went berserks dyne ter Stook on Trent

    Soo its Chelsea nar, an’ dunna they fret
    Cus they dunna noo what theer in fer yet
    Theer in fer a freyt – an’ moor than a bit
    Wen they meyt th’ blokes as refyowsed ter quit

    Read more: http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=Potters&action=display&thread=162944#ixzz1MDQDhXlc

  4. Laura says:

    As a person with ‘extraordinary syntax’ and ‘unruly spelling’ I am going to enjoy Stephen’s [ ] or even { } corrections of THEY REFYOWSED TER QUIT.

    Re; the lovely picture of ‘one man and his dog’ amid all your FA Cup Final frenzy of tidal waves over Congleton and flag waving its nice to see the peace of a moment of connection.

    We have three dogs in our family just now and at last I have another ‘my dog’. Baxter our blindly handsome black lab and until the boat incident presumed a tad stupid, has obviously my interests at heart and our bond is assured. Its taken a while, nearly 10 years for me to have another ‘my dog’, even though we run a rolling three dog household, none until Baxter have come close to my boy Roscoe, who was my shadow, my comforter and protector at very tough times. He seemed to know and feel my loss and the emotional turbulence was eased by his presence, he was a constant at a time of turmoil. Hopefully Baxter will not have to step up to as much emotional support for me, but he is comical, endearing and incredibly loyal as well as being charming with his tiny tormentor top dogs Rosie and Jumble, my Jack Russells, sorry but someone has be brave enough to have them!

    Oh dear I have probably betrayed my extraordinary syntax problem, but Stephen already has his hands full of >{[ ]}< and I may just get away with it?

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Good call Geraldine, and he could do both crackpot and wise all at once too.

    I know all Ireland will be Stoke tomorrow, at least until the big one starts @ Eurovision : )

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Well up!

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    “An th’cryde went berserks”


  8. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘until the boat incident’

    Very Gavin and Stacey…

  9. Laura says:

    You’re such a good tutor/mentor…the ‘until the boat incident’ will be appearing in another format.

  10. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    Ok… I welled up!
    Just saw a miniature shetland pony called ‘Tickle’, who gets taken into hospitals and nursing homes. So cute! About the size of a big dog! Windsor Horse Show and Tattoo on Sunday.
    Hope the rain holds off for match!

  11. Ralph says:

    That looks like a Jack Russell that’s been photo shopped to me. (The one on the left)

  12. June says:

    How is Dylan Stephen? Did you ever adopt another dog to keep him company?

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