The Final

I am going to write a book about a forthcoming match; I have just been upgrading my Amazon page as a first mention of what will happen. I will be going viral on this.

Of course, this will give me that extra power that every author craves: I can design my own jacket. What d’you think of this brilliant first effort? [Answers must be accompanied by emoticons]

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31 Responses to The Final

  1. Daftburger says:

    Please call it ‘And she laughed even more….’

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Lame effort at getting an acknowledgement or a title in there burger. MDB.

  3. Lee Wright says:

    Great news SF. Only problem…I don’t have a Kindle or even a candle come to that…! How am I going to be able to read ‘The Final’ ?

  4. stephen foster says:

    Good Q. I’ll check this out – I think there’s a link on Amazon that enables you to download to other devices & to computers…

    But that still isn’t a book though – but it never could be at the speed of delivery.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Yes, they offer this for other devices; it covers them all, I think:

  6. Markelt says:

    There is an Amazon Kindle app on my Android phone which syncs with my Kindle so all should be good.

    Hope it all goes well, winger.

  7. Laura says:

    Not sure of the font…:|

  8. OS says:


  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Where’s your ironic wink OS? I did this one specially for you.

  10. Daftburger says:


    Is the title The Final or ‘The’ Final? What about WIN LAW?

    We Invariably Never Loose 😉 At Weberlee?

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    I might modify the title post match; to O! What a Lovely Final! or similar : )

  12. shep207 says:

    I like the general design but what did you make the image with?
    Looks like an 8 bit bitmap file with all those speckles..

    Also, the font is a bit crap as Laura said.

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    I made it with an ancient appleworks Shep; if you know how to do a good job based on that the gig is yours – there may be some copyright issues with just nicking a Rothko image offline too. Or there may not. I agree about the font, in truth I wouldn’t keep that and was messing to a degree.

    I think Kindle ask for cover images to be jpegs…indeed they do, guidelines here:

  14. OS says:

    There was no irony in the fact that Scully is the background. I’m not as bloody daft as you think. 😉


  15. OS says:

    But then again, it could have been a Rothco background. I don’t bother too much when I’m not a fan of the artist. 😉

  16. Stephen Foster says:

    Art and football are like that.* That’s what people need to understand.

    * crosses fingers together

  17. shep207 says:

    Maybe something like this? I don’t have all of my fonts on my work computer but just as an idea…
    I think you’re right about the copyright thing though, could be a problem.

  18. shep207 says:

    Why does posting images on here never work the same as on the Oatcake??

  19. The cover is somewhat reminiscent of a pale shade of Blackcherry Jam – maybe the preserve arguement affected you more deeply than you care to admit and this is your way of acknowledging the deep psychological impact it has had on your maturing mind. Oh and I agree with Laura about the font! Other than that – I love it ❤ ❤

  20. Laura says:

    😉 Actually Katherine’s onto something…it does look like a jar of rather murky redcurrant jelly which has been found lurking at the back of the fridge; obviously is well past its sell by date and lost its label which has left a sticky black mark round the middle

    Other than that I love it – and Mark Rothko’s works were fab in Tate Modern, a tad red, oh and the black one was really black, but the rest were fab.

  21. calvininjax says:

    Alternative titles.

    If they win — “Messi? We Don’t Need No Messi!”

    If they lose, heaven forbid, and it is down to Tone’s tactical “genius” — “Bring Me The Head Of Tony Pulis”.

  22. Geraldine says:

    As a passionate lover of books, I have just done something I swore I would never do – I have downloaded the Kindle app to my laptop. Now see what you’re responsable for! I shall, of course, wait for The Final to appear before using it. Good luck!

  23. stephen foster says:

    Thanks Geraldine u r a star x

  24. stephen foster says:

    I like it Shep. I’ll take that

  25. shep207 says:

    Maybe you should do your own version/similar painting to avoid any copyright issues? I would offer but I can’t paint unless it’s a wall..

  26. markelt says:

    In my experience Rothko doesn’t work when you’ve had a very liquid lunch and are starving. Even in Tate Modern.

  27. markelt says:

    From what I’ve experienced of it, I don’t like novels on a Kindle but short stories and non fiction works well. I got Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing on it and I can tell you that poems and sketches should definitely stay on paper.

    I fear books may go the way of records and CDs.

  28. Stephen Foster says:

    yes, a bit more red and white ish – I’ll sort it out and send you a scan which I’ll get done at Prontaprint in my usual way – they have proper scanners there.

    Do you have a preferred DPI/resolution or whatever?

  29. Stephen Foster says:


  30. shep207 says:

    The guidelines say 72dpi which is standard for web stuff. If it was going to be made into an actual cover I would suggest 150 or 300 but for the Kindle, 72 will be fine.

    I will pm you my email address on the oatcake so you can send me the file.

  31. bumble says:

    what about THE FINAL (they fell about laughing).

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