There are mosquitoes in my atelier

The little bastards; is England a tropical country now or something? Meanwhile and more pertinently George Szirtes has posted a review of the experience of going to see this film The Black Swan which I read a lot about a few weeks back and wondered (though not very hard) whether I should go to see. There are some great films in the world like The Long Goodbye (the Robert Altman version, 1 star in Halliwell’s) but ultimately the way I tend to see most movies is by reading about them. I find it spares me the pain (see George’s review) of having to actually watch the stuff that people who make films end up making. I like modern dance though, as below. I might be a rather primitive watcher of it, I certainly don’t understand the nuances of the technicalities involved, and I don’t really care much about the narrative which the brochure always goes to lengths to explain. I like it as abstract action, as music, and as physical poetry.

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3 Responses to There are mosquitoes in my atelier

  1. Laura says:

    Try this excerpt from David Bintley’s Still Life at the Penguin Cafe for abstract action, music and physical poetry.

  2. Ovookla says:

    Laura the clip was so intensely beautiful, I’m really glad to have seen it. I did see Black Swan with a friend, and it made me laugh out loud, really uncontrollably, and she turned to me and said ‘Oh Christ! This is Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer all over again, because that set me off as well, 20 years ago. The trouble is Black Swan has made me approach the new Wim Wenders film Pina, with some dread too.

  3. OS says:

    Physical poetry. Yes, that’s what it was. At its best. Thank you Laura.

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