Sean Scully, Watford and Stoke City

Title for a short story? Possibly not. An odd trio, perhaps, but not in this world: Old Stokie requested a picture of a painting by his favourite artist and as I was image searching for the perfect one I just happened to come across this nice sideways view of a Watford fan who found himself in the Bolton end on Sunday.

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4 Responses to Sean Scully, Watford and Stoke City

  1. Daftburger says:

    Dear Stephen

    ………….but the painting on the right, as you look, looks like a Bolton fan in the Watford End……

  2. OS says:

    …and the painting on the left looks like Bill Bratt about to do battle with that bloke who wants to turn Fail Park into a shopping centre.

    Ps. Scully is NOT my favourite artist. There’s not a smidgeon of gayness in anything he does.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    In short, they are manly paintings about football then; I fail to see what’s not to like.

  4. OS says:

    He would sit well with the clientelle of block 19. In fact, give him a pint of beer and a fag, and he would pass muster easily.

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