The Magic of the Cup

It brings many old friends out of the closet. Anne-Marie Shardlow (who Old Stokie started flirting with as soon as she turned up on a comment below) is a work colleague from years ago (mid 80s) from when I used to erect (hoho here) exhibition stands; she designed all the stands and the graphics and so on in the offices upstairs while me and her father Frank constructed the things on the dodgy circular saw in the workshop below trying not to get ourselves kick-backed in the stomach which that machine had a habit of doing when you fed an 8×4 sheet through anything thicker than 12mm. Anyway, to the point: Annie is keen on football insofar as it relates to the FA Cup since the final is played round about her Mum’s birthday; her older brother’s football team used to pile round their house for tea and toast after their own match to watch it. I like that – it’s a typical collective-type memory from when the Final was the biggest match of the season and a nation-bonding event. And then it transpires that she designed the logo for the 1993 final which, she advises, ‘Arsenal won playing in red.’ If this isn’t a sign, nothing is. Anne-Marie Shardlow is now a proxy Massive Stoke Fan until such time as May 15th at least.

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7 Responses to The Magic of the Cup

  1. markelt says:

    At last. A proper celeb on here 🙂

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    That was what I thought \o/ Girls/football > Instant celebrity innit.

  3. OS says:

    *spits on fingernails – rubs them on the collar of my old jacket*

    Us Shardlows know stuff. Don’t mess with us.

    Shardlow and Stoke also have close connections. One of the Stone Shardlows, Paul, was the goalkeeper for Stoke. A reet promising lad, but he died young.

    Well done Anne-Marie. OS is proud of you. 😉


  4. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    Gee whizz I hope this stuff don’t jinx things!
    Come on Stoke! Marvellous FA Cup stuff!

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    This is the blog’s first ever Gee whizz : )

  6. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    Just ordered a couple of your books I haven’t yet read.
    Loved ‘And She Laughed No More’ and ‘Walking Ollie’ and ‘Strides’. Latter, lent to a friend and not seen since! Off for a swim! My local pool is not as sparkly as the one on your blog!

  7. OS says:

    Steady on Anne-Marie. I have difficult enough keeping his feyness in check. Now you’ve said that, he’ll be swaggering around like a queen in a bourdoire de l’amour. I hope he doesn’t forget the mustard while he’s shaking his hips in an exagerated manner.

    Oi boy! I fort we wus ‘avin’ a Scully to laff at.

    Ps, Have you been on to Greyer’s blog lately? Gorgeous George has gone into the posing business. Now I know why he’s cleaned his teeth, the lickle bugger.

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