The pre-match

This possé belong to Old Stokie; imagine being them, having an experience of the world that says: Stoke City get to FA Cup semi finals and marmalise the opposition. Their lives will be so different to ours; their memories will be of this, not of losing penalties to Arsenal in the seventh minute of five minutes of added time (I wonder if Arsène Wenger has ever heard of this major incident that was actually of some importance) or of having goals given (for Arsenal) that were miles offside because a linesman confused a programme seller with one of our defenders who wasn’t there.

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15 Responses to The pre-match

  1. johnny neptune says:

    it’s old stokie i feel happiest for. for 139 seasons he’s watched and hoped, now that dream has finally come true.


  2. johnny neptune says:

    129 dagnammit. i forgot about the bosch

  3. markelt says:

    148, you johnnycomelatelyneptune

    And I think it was a peanut seller, if you can even imagine such a thing.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Calvin in Jax is adamant about this, and he was there: there have never been such things as ice-cream [the other most favoured version] sellers and the like at football matches but there HAVE been vendors of programmes.

  5. johnny neptune says:

    someone in the media said 148 as well which only counts if you spent the 1st 8 years waiting patiently for the fa cup to start in 1871.

    if i’m right.

  6. Ovookla says:

    What a grand looking tribe OS. Lucky man, lucky lucky man.

  7. markelt says:

    You’d have to ask Mick what he was doing at that time.

    We were started by Charterhouse boys, don’t you know*? Which explains the undercurrent of poshness about all we do.

    * Like Genesis, except without the involvement of Jonathan King and Phil Collins. They’re more the sort of people who would be associated with some tinpot seaside outfit.

  8. markelt says:

    Jimmy Greenhoff claims it was a peanut seller and that’s gospel for me now.

  9. OS says:

    Thank you, johnny. I can tell you that it was the peak of my footballing life because I was there with my brood. Which is so important. The beauty of it, of course, is that I will (hopefully) be there with them on an even bigger occasion – THE FA CUP FINAL AT WEMBLEY.

  10. OS says:

    From L-R.

    My 9 yo identical twins Matthew and Scott, and Samuel: my lovely, kind, gentle and loving 10 yo, and my oldest grandson. (All his teachers adore him.)

    Along with Katie (almost 13 as she keeps telling me) and 7 yo Thomas Trubble, they are the reason I’m not an old fart. I’m not allowed to be one. Not that I want to be, because I love them more than deeply.

    This blog is concentrating on me of late. Not that I’m complaining, winger 😉 but I am feeling a little self conscious. Can we have more of your bland topics. 🙂

  11. OS says:

    I was at Charterhouse, *fagging for Colmondeley-Smythe.

    *Now you know where my gay roots lie, winger. 😉

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Self conscious my cornea, I’ve never seen anyone make such an effort to keep his name in lights as you on that 100 comment thread.

    I’ll put you up a Sean Scully tomorrow.

  13. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    OS… loved your comment earlier @ 08.10 Barge ahoy. etc! Made me LOL lots!
    Hallo Stephen… apologies for delay in reply. Typical, wrote a comment and dashed out and about. Phew, over hill and dale. Do it all again tomorrow!

  14. Anne-Marie Shardlow says:

    Love the littleun’ fans
    Gorgeous Dog pictures too!

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    Can you post your famous logo link on a comment here? It’s come in on my phone but it hasn’t downloaded yet…

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