Changing Rooms

So I was watching a moment of Breakfast TV this morning which is very unlike me it really is and there was this woman in a garden with a wallpapering table and some wallpaper. What she was doing was she was giving a ‘tip.’ It was all very phony. What you did was you trimmed up this piece of wallpaper to large poster size, ‘not worrying about the edges too much as the dado rail would cover them.’ Oh, I thought, how’s that? Here was how: you went indoors from the garden and hung the paper on the white wall behind the sofa. Next you stuck four lengths of pre-mitred dado rail around the paper (using ‘glue nails’ out of a mastic gun) to make ‘a feature’. I swear it killed me, it really did. The paper was amazing, from the sliver and blue floral holographic range. Anyway, that’s my job for the day if I ever get out of this place.

William Morris

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8 Responses to Changing Rooms

  1. Don’t do it ….. step away from the wallpaper paste – you will only regret it when you try and remove the dildo (sorry dado) rail and find that half the wall comes away with it. Strong stuff that nail glue!

  2. OS says:

    *snigger at naughty Katharine*

    William Morris. A man before his time.

  3. JohnnyNeptune says:

    why are you writing like you’re holden caulfield?

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    To see if you would notice.

    Actewally, I’m re-reading The Catcher, it’s a most revealing experience: what seemed like comedy when I was 18 seems like tragedy now. Also, I’m finding Holden to be somewhat of a pain in the arse rather than ‘my hero’ as per what seemed at 18 etc…

  5. Ovookla says:

    Oh bugger it, if you’re doing that I’ll read ‘Shogun’ again. Konichi-wa Anjin-san and all that rollocks.

  6. Oh dear … I am such a lightweight – I’m reading Dick Francis “Under Orders”

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Sorry Katherine, you’ll have to leave now, this site is only for highbrows…

  8. I have highbrows … two of!

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