The blog went to work today

It was rather wearing; after the writing workshop there were tutorials which were held in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts where there was an exhibition of basketry. Via Motorola we just intend to make make a quick record of the flat basket, which we liked. The guard had been looking at the blog as if to say ‘no photography when you haven’t even paid to get in lad.’ That she ended up doing a magic trick with the rail was a most unexpected extra.

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5 Responses to The blog went to work today

  1. Chiffs says:

    This basketry exhibition has got right up my hooter. Basketry is a product of SKILL and it is a CRAFT. Why does everything have to be an art form these days?

  2. OS says:

    LOL @ ChiffS. 🙂

    Was the basket made in China? 😉

  3. Ovookla says:

    And, and, – I don’t know if it’s a scale thing but the blog meister doesn’t look the same as when I last saw him either…

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    That’s the guard, not the blogmeister, or are you pulling my bloomin leg? : )

  5. Ovookla says:

    Certainly bloomin was…

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