So, with yesterday being a Monday, the blog threw a sicky

It seemed only right for its inaugural working life/job search week. And then, most supernaturally and appropriately, Ruth Selwyn-Crome only came and turned up in my inbox (‘Tardy Friday’ was the name of the mail) with this work-themed poem from her back collection, Office Block. Nice title, isn’t it; the twist on ‘writer’s block’ is the first connotation I hear.

Applying myself 2

I’m pretty sure I saw the girl who got the job
Her smile as she passed me on the stairs
As wide as an automatic door
How did I feel about the web?
They’d asked
It’s like a book
Except on a screen
You kind of dive into it
Through all these doors
One after another
Diving and moving
left then right
deeper and deeper
like trying to see the bottom through the top
like putting your hand into a pond
How did I feel?
I felt happy
But sad
Sometimes I dreamed of tidal waves
Waves crashing over this beach I’m standing on while I hold my daughter’s hand running running so fast away from the water
Other nights I drank myself to sleep
At least I’d given up smoking
(Forgot to put that on my CV)
A runner who drinks and dives
A pond drinker who runs webbily
An ex-smoker who drinks running dreams
Is what I could have suggested
It’s an indispensable marketing tool
Is what I said

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2 Responses to So, with yesterday being a Monday, the blog threw a sicky

  1. Ovookla says:

    I am struck by how many observations there are in these lines: penetrating, intuitive, human, sidelong, amused. I keep having to re-read it. Brilliant.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Concrete but elliptical. It’s a rare talent, I think. Sidelong is good.

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