The Moons in Norwich Tonight, via Motorola

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5 Responses to The Moons in Norwich Tonight, via Motorola

  1. Geraldine says:

    We were looking forward to seeing this special moon tonight but the clouds rolled in and the rain came down, so no moonrise here. However, as our son and his long-time partner announced their impending marriage today we are all very happy, moon or no moon!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Clouds come and go; the love between your two is there whether you can see it or not. Hurrah \o/ and good wishes to all. x

  3. OS says:

    I hope all goes well for them, Geraldine, but ‘moons’ and ‘impending’ sorta send a shiver down my spine. 😉


  4. Geraldine says:

    Oh gosh! You are right, OS, ‘impending’ was not the best word to use – they have been together for 9 years, so I was surprised by the sudden, but very welcome, announcement. Thank you for the good wishes.

  5. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for those lovely words, I will pass them on. x

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