The Apocryphal Cheltenham Story

Every year you hear a version of it, but the fact that Cornelius Lysaght came out with it on the BBC Radio about an hour ago (13.00 BST) does tend to frank the form over and above the time I overheard one gate boy excitedly telling another that he had just heard a bloke put fifty grand on Beef or Salmon on his phone (I could walk past and pretend to do that, lads). Beef or Salmon, I ask you. Today’s version is that one punter has staked £75,000 on Hurricane Fly in the Champion Hurdle. Though he has certainly looked the part over in his home turf on the Emerald Isle©, the horse has never even run at Cheltenham before. Nice name though, worth a shilling on the Granny Smith system, if only for that.

Will it be the story of the Hurricane?

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2 Responses to The Apocryphal Cheltenham Story

  1. OS says:

    Hah hah. If Hurricane Fly wins, I’ll be ROFLMFAO. And I reckon you might have put a small wager on it, winger? 😉

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Let’s put it this way; I wont quite be picking up 300 grand like Corneliuses bloke : )

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