Someone is Older and More Stokeish

today, if that were even possible.

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16 Responses to Someone is Older and More Stokeish

  1. OS says:

    I thank you winger. Why do some people have no consideration for old people? Greyers texted me at 7.40 this morning and woke me up. I would have bet a £1000 it would be Thomas. I thought… nobody else except Thomas would do this to me. 🙂

    And now I will enjoy my day if Pulis can see beyond the cage. 😉


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Greyers thinks everyone is insomniacal like him; txt him back and wake him up at half past two 😉


  3. Daftburger says:

    Happy Birfdee Owd Scroatie! I hope you get what every Stokie wants this sunny Sundee!

    A Birfdee Poolis Owt!

  4. makemeadiva says:

    Happy Birthday OS 🙂

  5. OS says:

    That was too pro Pulis for me…aided and abetted by winger; the traitor! 😉

    Thomas has just come swaggering in here like James Dean in his leather jacket. He’s bought me a walking stick for my birthday. LOL.

    Birthday gifts up to yet:

    Curtains for the lounge off my lass to replace my treasured 70’s ones.
    A big breakfast mug for my tea in a morning off the twins and Katie.
    A pair of berghaus gloves off Sam.
    And a walking stick off Tom.

    Life is beautiful. 😉

  6. OS says:

    Thank you sweetheart. XX

  7. OS says:

    C u laters. 😉

  8. Ralph says:

    Happy Birthday dear Old Stokie, a visit to Wemberlee is some present mate, do enjoy it.

  9. Geraldine says:

    Happy Birthday OS! Hope you had a really lovely day and here’s to many more. xxx

  10. Chiffs says:

    And a happy birthday from me, dear OS.

  11. mum says:

    Happy belated OS what a pressie a great win ( Pulis in ) only joking !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. OS says:

    Fank you, Ralph. 😉

  13. OS says:

    Hi, Geraldine. It was good day all round. Thank you for your best wishes.

    OS. XXX

  14. OS says:

    I’m swooning over all those kisses. Ta. 😉


  15. OS says:

    Thanks, Mum. A great day.

    Pulis in! (Only joking) 🙂

    Look after yersen!


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