Taps pen, scratches head

More stuff about the BBC? It doesn’t seem very popular: even Old Stokie can’t be bothered to come along and witter on. Perhaps I’ll bring up his comment about what happened when he came up before the beak as below, save myself a bit of work and try drumming up a bit of interest all at the same time. OS once wrote a good bit of autobiography called Orange Peel and Candle Wax, by the way; candles seem to be a recurring motif in his life. There will be seventy of them on his cake on Sunday.

The headmaster decided to have karma time at skool. So, all the skool sit in their classrooms staring at a candle and doing deep thoughts. Thomas and his mate, Afzal, decided it would be fun (while the teacher wasn’t looking) to see what would happen if a piece of paper was held over the candle. Afzal held the paper; Thomas pushed his arm, and together they created a great flame! It got too hot to handle, so Afzal dropped it, and it set fire to a brand new fireproof carpet that had only been fitted last week. Of course, it wasn’t Thomas’s fault (or so he insisted) because he didn’t drop the paper. 😦

Anyway, I was called into the Beak’s office on Friday afternoon, along with Thomas, Afzal and his mother (who doesn’t speak a word of English so they had to call for an interpreter) and the Beak and Thomas’s teacher and another teacher.

The Beak droned on and on, and to be honest, I wasn’t taking much notice of him… until he said ‘we’ would have to pay compensation. So, when he’d finished his diatribe, I asked Thomas to leave, and when he had, I told him the only compensation he would get from ‘us’ was Thomas’s monthly allowance of £15 quid from me, and that was just to make him aware that playing with fire has its consequences. He seemed a bit put out, but I reminded him that he had insurance for such events. He sort of laughed it off that he didn’t really mean it. It’s a good job he did! I think it was beginning to sink into his head that the kids must have been unsupervised for them to be able to do it, and unsupervised 7 yo’s and naked flames are the last thing one should have in schools. I think he got the message, because he said that in future, they would be using fake candle light.

Anyway, Thomas has not been punished other than he can’t top his mobile up this month. Instead, he’s been educated on the dangers of fire. Oh, I did tell the Beak that only I understood Thomas. When he asked why that was, I told him that Thomas is my clone, but if anything, I was worse than him, so he should count his lucky start that he was teaching Thomas and not me. 😉 I don’t think he was impressed with that. 🙂

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6 Responses to Taps pen, scratches head

  1. OS says:

    The BBC is pretty boring. I prefer Kamus to Pugin.

    There was more on the comments following that revelation. But to sum up, Swiss was so angry that he countermanded my order, and Thomas was just educated on the risks of playing with fire.


    Monday evening, Thomas comes home with a yellow form saying he had been spitting in the schoolyard; been inattentive in class – twice; and had generally misbehaved during the day.

    He was quizzed by his father, who does it gently whilst Thomas is sitting on his knee, and it turns out that, regarding the spitting, a number of the children were having a rapspberry blowing contest; he admitted that he was inattentive because he was bored, but felt that he hadn’t been a really bad boy all day. When quizzed if other children had misbehaved, he gave chapter and verse on things other children had done wrong, but they had not received a ‘yellow card’.

    For your blog readers to get this into perspective; Thomas has always had behavioural difficulties and is on the special needs list. In fact, the school generates extra income because of it. (If he gets bored, he’s supposed to sit in a corner and grind stones together to relieve his frustration.) This might sound as if Thomas in an ogre. Nothing could be futher from the truth. He’s not a bully and he’s not violent towards others unless he’s provoked, but he can take care of himself if provoked or bullied. Basically, he’s a child who requires schooling that keeps him interested in whatever subject he’s having. He’s very intelligent, and can leave most of the kids behind in numeracy and literacy.

    So what’s gone wrong all of a sudden? Ha! A supply teacher has been teaching him, and the supply teacher is a student teacher. A man. And whose class was Thomas in when all these things have gone wrong, including the fire incident? You can guess.

    Anyway, Swiss and I have been told to chill out. Why? Because we’re both too angry to deal with the situation – ‘Nobody shits on my boy and gets away with it!’ Who has told us? Tom’s mum. As the owner of this blog understands, Thomas’s mum is no less a person who deals, on a daily basis, with REALLY disruptive children. She cares and stands up for children who suffer from the worst things this society offers. And I mean the WORST! She has to know the education laws and child welfare laws inside out. But, unlike Swiss and me… she doesn’t go in like a bull in a china shop. That isn’t how to beat the system.

    So, armed with three days worth of research, she has an appointment with Thomas’s teacher at 8.30 in the morning. Just to put a bit of perspective to the ‘mum’ situation, she was the equivalent of Bumble Marciano when she was a schoolkid. Her back is already up because when she phoned for an appointment to see the Beak, she was told that she should take it up with Thomas’s teacher because he was busy. Her reaction was to say: I will see his teacher, but I can assure you, I WILL see the headmaster!

    To be continued… 😉

  2. Daftburger says:

    Maybe he’s just bored shitless? You want diva on the case she thinks, I think, that the current system is basically failing all children if you don’t belong to the middle ground and can be programmed to your call centre calling! :-/

    Special needs should work at both ends of the spectrum!

  3. calvininjax says:

    Why is it that I have taken an instant dislike to the headmaster?I guess it saves time.

    Karma time! WTF!!!!!

  4. makemeadiva says:

    This headteacher seems to have adopted a rather unnecessarily confrontational approach in my view.

    So: young Thomas is getting lots of negative adult attention for ‘bad’ behaviour at school which is a common pattern and one that needs to be nipped in the bud (mum on case \o/) . He’s being labelled by the teacher because thats probably easier than the teacher raising their game and engaging the kids. I have some sympathy if its a supply teacher because perhaps they won’t have had time to form proper relationships with the kids, but it sounds to me like it is essentially about understanding where your kids are coming from and managing the classroom effectively.

    To be fair, I don’t know if I could do it, but I do know I would have drawn the line at the naked flame in the first place.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t know. Shouldn’t learning to handle candles be on the curriculum in prep for the forthcoming Winter of Discontent and the Power Cuts?

  6. OS says:

    Sorted! Don’t know what has gone on, but saw Shaz as she was coming from her meeting. Seems as though she’s made her point and fings will be sorted.

    Like Diva, I can understand the supply teacher not knowing everything about every child, but he should have been made aware that a few of the children he was teaching had behavioral difficulties. The biggest problem is that Thomas’s own teacher, a lady teacher, has done every well with the boy this school year, but the supply teacher is undoing all the good she has done.

    Hopefully, now Shaz has sorted stuff, things will improve. Sometimes, it needs a fire to sort stuff. 😉

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