The Archers

I’m not an afficionado but I sort of know what goes on; this morning I heard Lizzy weeping and wailing that the children had passed their exams even though Nigel is dead. I don’t like this turn of events at all because I don’t believe that Nigel is dead: he would never have gone up on a roof in the first place, so he could never have fallen off one, and in the second place I’ve seen it in the press that the actor who plays him is is cheesed off because he’s had his earnings slashed by 80%. That’s just what a middle aged bloke needs, innit?

I once worked with a property developer wide boy in the 80s who fancied Lizzy Archer. I thought it was quite sophis to have feelings of amour for a radio character. Apparently she reminded him of his ex; now I think about it, that’s rather sad.

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  1. calvininjax says:

    Only 80 per cent? The man’s positively rich! 😉

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