But it would have been nice to be asked

This is what I overheard someone say at the bus stop as they explained that they hadn’t been invited to do something they didn’t want to do. I knew what they meant, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to decline an invitation? And then to illustrate this post I found this picture on the Harefield Communuty website (it was the first page of image search) to accompany a story about Hillingdon Council making cuts in the bus route to Heathrow. Metroland; very Edward Hopper.

There’ll be another one along going the wrong way in a minute

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19 Responses to But it would have been nice to be asked

  1. OS says:

    You should put some music to it. It is very Hopper.

    I’ll try to find you some music to suit the mood…

    Hold on….

  2. OS says:

    Not music, but it all starts from waiting for a bus. 😉

  3. Markelt says:

    The best song about waiting for a bus is by Velver Underground tribute band The Violent Femmes.

  4. Markelt says:


  5. OS says:

    That sounds like me when I’m drunk.

  6. Markelt says:

    This is you when you’re drunk

    PS Stoke are hopeless. I’m watching it now. Dreadful.

  7. OS says:


    I try not to watch Stoke these days. We’re embarrasing. Is this the beginning of the beginning of the end for Pulis? I detect the same sort of thing happening that Scally and The Icelanders went through. Somebody has upset him, and he’s showing his nasty, vindictive side. At the moment, though, my only thoughts are for the players and the club. He is of no consequence to me, but my club is.

  8. Markelt says:

    I was hoping you would know what was going on. Something has happened.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    I’ve missed out on the local Sentinel politics of it – I thought we just set up to be crap away yesterday as per any other awayday on the long established tried-and-trusted system.

    What’s the conspiracy theory?

  10. OS says:

    My own theory is that he wanted Ba, and couldn’t get him. Maybe it was Scholes who pulled the plug on that deal, which would get his back up because he and Scoles are known to have had spats in the past. Add to that most peple are telling him how he should do his job, and the result is that he’s now lashed out at the supporters and the local media. The media have buckled, but he’s a fool if he thinks the supporters will wilt. His support has always been paper thin, despite what he’s achieved, and he has always been a result away from criticism. If he plays a weakened side in the cup game, and West Ham knock us out, he can start to clear his desk, because then, he will feel the ire of the supporters. If he wins that game, he will have bought himself a reprieve.

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    We will win, he always gets a result when he direly needs it, one of the great unremarked FACTS about Pulis is his massive spawny-ness.

    I have not got my tekeet for this cup tie game yet – have you got any spares by you or can I buy one in your parts?

  12. OS says:

    We have our full quota, and they’re all taken. You’ll have to sort yorsen one out. If you get one in The Boothen, you could always sit with us with *Tom on your knee. 😉

    Did I tell you that he set fire to the skool last week? 🙂

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    No 🙂

    Do pls elaborate.

  14. OS says:

    The headmaster decided to have karma time at skool. So, all the skool sit in their classrooms staring at a candle and doing deep thoughts. Thomas and his mate, Afzal, decided it would be fun (while the teacher wasn’t looking) to see what would happen if a piece of paper was held over the candle. Afzal held the paper; Thomas pushed his arm, and together they created a great flame! It got too hot to handle, so Afzal dropped it, and it set fire to a brand new fireproof carpet that had only been fitted last week. Of course, it wasn’t Thomas’s fault (or so he insisted) because he didn’t drop the paper. 😦

    Anyway, I was called into the Beak’s office on Friday afternoon, along with Thomas, Afzal and his mother (who doesn’t speak a word of English so they had to call for an interpreter) and the Beak and Thomas’s teacher and another teacher.

    The Beak droned on and on, and to be honest, I wasn’t taking much notice of him… until he said ‘we’ would have to pay compensation. So, when he’d finished his diatribe, I asked Thomas to leave, and when he had, I told him the only compensation he would get from ‘us’ was Thomas’s monthly allowance of £15 quid from me, and that was just to make him aware that playing with fire has its consequences. He seemed a bit put out, but I reminded him that he had insurance for such events. He sort of laughed it off that he didn’t really mean it. It’s a good job he did! I think it was beginning to sink into his head that the kids must have been unsupervised for them to be able to do it, and unsupervised 7 yo’s and naked flames are the last thing one should have in schools. I think he got the message, because he said that in future, they would be using fake candle light.

    Anyway, Thomas has not been punished other than he can’t top his mobile up this month. Instead, he’s been educated on the dangers of fire. Oh, I did tell the Beak that only I understood Thomas. When he asked why that was, I told him that Thomas is my clone, but if anything, I was worse than him, so he should count his lucky start that he was teaching Thomas and not me. 😉 I don’t think he was impressed with that. 🙂

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    Or, in short: It’s the Norcops, what do you expect?

    I will post this to its own slot both for the quality of it and to illustrate the dangers of playing with fire…

  16. Chiffs says:

    That’s what I call BAD Karma, OS. What idiot puts children and candles together in a room? – Oh yes, the headmaster. Seriously, I would sue him for endangering the life of a child.

  17. Chiffs says:

    I’m recalling that first that.
    PS, OS, you remind me of my mum. She was always up in front of the school beak fighting my corner (playing with matches, if you must know – but only for lighting fags)

  18. OS says:

    ChiffS, I like your mam. You never lost the habit of fag smoking then?! It’s not good for you you know! 😉 Will I be seeing you this weekend? I’d love to, but if you have to look after Dills, I understand. XXX

    Swiss is booking an appointment to see the Beak on Friday. I suspect it may be a bit like bonfire night. He’s in one of his black and white moods and has already countermanded my order for Thomas to forfeit his pocket money. How do I know? Thomas rang me at 7.15 this morning to tell me he had just got out of bed and his mobile was topped up. Then he tried to sneak it to school, but his grandpa was too clever for him. I do a full search before he leaves my home. Normally his pockets are stuffed with sweets from my toffee bowl, which I confiscate. He may have had a couple stuffed down his underpants. He’s worked out that I can’t go there. 🙂

  19. Chiffs says:

    Go Tony, I say. Sue the school for reckless endangerment of a minor, neglect, and second-degree arson.
    I LOVE the fact that Tom phones you from his newly topped-up mobile. That boy will go far.
    Dear OS, I will not be there at the weekend. I will be looking after Dills. But I know you’ll have a lovely time. Will you have candles on your cake? Can you be trusted?

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