Born Slippy by JR Hartley

I saw this commercial the other night whereby JR Hartley of the (1983) original Yellow Pages ‘Fly Fishing by JR Hartley’ ad has been modernised. This updated version sees former DJ ‘Day V Lately’ on the hunt for his lost 90s dance record. Day V is a slight, long-term e-abusing type and this vinyl he’s after has lower-reaches-of-the-charts one-hit-wonder written all over it. Ahhh, bless, as they say. Day V visits several independent record shops trying to find a copy of the trance mix but it’s a no-dicer. Then he gives up and goes home where his teenage daughter makes him a cup of tea, flashes her Blackberry at him, and helps him find the bangin tune using the online directory app I think Day V would have started there in the first place really, but then they wouldn’t have been able to have the post modern ad, which is rather nice and which effortlessly [re]creates an instantly recognisable narrative across a (near) thirty-year time gap. There’s powerful cultural imprinting at play here, clever stuff; maybe it will even drive traffic to the app as it’s intended to do.

I found a copy of the yellow pages on the front doorstep the other day. I have such little use for them that I just leaned it up against the porch wall – it didn’t even make it into the house. I suppose I’ll probably sling it into the blue bin next week for paper recycling.

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