But O the Banality!

On Wednesdays now I get the bus home. Today I was eavesdropping this young good looking pair, him in sportswear, her in fancy, I don’t think they actually were a couple (they were sitting across the aisle from each other) but they might have been:

Him: Stella is my favourite drink but sometimes I get a Courvoisier.

Her: Hmm, I think I might give up meat.

Him: For real!?

Her: Well, I got some in my freezer that my parents gave me but I’m more for fish now.

Him: Ah ha.

Her: I still like sausages though, they are nice.

Him: I like mince.

Her: I know what you mean.

Sadly, at this point their stop came up and they had to get off.

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4 Responses to But O the Banality!

  1. Chiffs says:

    My favourite quote overheard on the bus, after these two girls had been sitting opposite each other and TEXTING each other at the same time, one of them looks up and says:
    ‘yeah, but she’s too fat to wear red’

  2. bumble says:

    havent been on a bus for y e a r s !! still.. does,nt seem like much has changed bro init .X.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    * Chell Bus Stop *

  4. Daftburger says:

    The buzzes in China are ace full of earthy poor countryside people and me! Viva the revolution!

    She liked sausage? I’d have gotten off and followed her obviously!

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