O Gordo

This apparently means ‘the fat one’ and is what Corinthian’s supporters graffitied after the team were humiliatingly knocked out of a Cup Competition and it was this that led to Ronaldo, (O Gordo himself) retiring his boots. You never see graffiti at football grounds here anymore, do you? Alan Hudson Walks on Water That was what we used to have. Hold on, I’m just gonna try something…

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8 Responses to O Gordo

  1. Markelt says:

    Writing his name in your own blood?

  2. OS says:

    I did tell you that his mid-life crisis was affecting him in strange ways, Mark. Much like you not going anywhere without Pippa. But I wasn’t aware how deep it was in his case. I think he needs a BS holiday, and some OS councelling. The only one of you not showing signs of stress is Mr Pink. Swiss nearly had a heart attack when his Audi TT gearbox failed yesterday, and he came rushing in the house like a madman, searching for a document. He almost fell on the floor in relief when he discovered his warranty still had two days left before it expired. I could see the blood return to his face when he discovered he didn’t have to pay the three grand for the repair.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    None of us know what Mr Pink is showing signs of as he specialises only in elusive monosyllability.

  4. markelt says:

    I know what he thinks. It’s not very interesting.

    I’m not having a mid life crisis.

    a) It’s nothing to do with my age or feelings of mortality

    b) It’s not a crisis because that would rest on the assumption it would be over at some point 😦 🙂

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    OS is uncharacteristically resorting to cliché with all his MLC nonsense, it’s just about the only thing he’s got to say these days, the senile old fool.

  6. markelt says:

    And can I also add that Pip travels with me sometimes because she likes it, she’s no bother and it’s cheaper than kennels. And to think she loves you Mick. 🙂

  7. OS says:

    And I love her, Mark. She’s a super little dog and is invited to my rag-roller 70th birthday party on the 13th/14th of March at Bag End, along with all you lot. 😉

    Winger is my special guest.

  8. markelt says:

    I see

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