The bass player in the house band

When we were Manx as per the post of a few days ago there was a house band that played several nights a week in the ballroom of the pleasure gardens. It was 1976. They were a four piece who all wore the same shirts, blue polos, and similar jeans. The songs I can remember from their repertoire include Lying Eyes, Hey Jude, Run for Home, The Arms of Mary, and this one below which I can never hear without thinking of them (click through, as per everything these days, it’s quite nice). The band were a tight unit who often soldiered in good spirits as they told their tales of city girls who seemed to find out early how to open doors with just a smile to a deserted room which could hold about a thousand if anybody had bothered to turn up. Then one day the bass player got a girlfriend and started to bring her along to their gigs; thereafter he and she would spend the whole of the set mooning at each other, to the undisguised disgust of Ringo, Paul and George. That chick spelt the beginning of the end for Stardust.

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4 Responses to The bass player in the house band

  1. OS says:

    Lovely, easy listening stuff. Cruisin’ music. Nice one winger.

  2. Ralph says:

    By far the best pub band I ever saw were called ‘The Barflys’ They used to play the pubs of New Cross and Deptford when I lived down there between 83 and 88. They played something akin to original blues with a lovely women lead singer that could really belt out a number. Happy days. Best wishes to Mum. Ralph.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    heyup Ralph, thanks, Mum is back home and has had her best day for a while today – she’s even been eating mushroom soup and laughing at my ‘jokes’.

  4. Ralph says:

    That’s really good news. I hope she continues to improve. Ralph.

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