Meet Mitch (and Ruby) from Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue (originally)

A new poster came in on the About tag today, Sarah, who wrote a rather sharp ‘potted Walking Ollie’ as posted below along with pictures of her heroes. Her vivid pen portrait bought the original Ollie himself swimming back to mind. Sarah was originally drawn to the blog by a post about biscuits: she was rushed off her feet at work and was engaged in some pressing correspondences with a colleague (editor of Golf World if I have followed it right) regarding the vital subject of dunking…

Hello. Bizarrely found your blog when I googled images of biscuits and an image you had posted in 2008 came up. Was then taken by your handsome hounds and read on. Then realised I had read your book a few years back. I have an Ollie look-i-like. (So sorry to read he is no longer with you) called Mitch (Mitchell Stephen Davenport to be correct) who came from Evesham Lurcher rescue some 9 years ago. We have just been going though chemo and radiotherapy with him as he has had a very aggressive cancer, but it looks like we are going to have him for a few more years. Mitch has always been a very affectionate dog with us but is a total snob with strangers and sticks his nose in the air and walks away. He does no tricks, barely sits on command and ignores recall if something more interesting is going on. The best command he does (mostly) adhere to is WAIT screamed at various decibels of panic. This seems to make him at least hesitate long enough for us catch up or for him to have a think about his actions. We call him our “special dog” as our other lurcher is at degree level compared to his year one of kindergarten level. I have to say I have more love for this dog then I can express. He takes up far too much room on the bed, snores and farts, ignores me when I talk to him and often just walks away in mid conversation … pretty similar to my husband but with softer ears!
Anyway, thanks for the book, thanks for rescuing lurchers and bringing their plight to the fore.

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3 Responses to Meet Mitch (and Ruby) from Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue (originally)

  1. Geraldine says:

    What a great post and lovely photos. I must get another copy of Walking Ollie, I “lent” my last one and it’s gone walkabout which I suppose is strangely appropriate!

    I see there are some photos of Ollie and Dylan on facebook now, I keep forgetting to check it as I’m a bit ambivalent about that place.

    Hope your Mum is feeling better today.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I know, he’s a typical saluki-cross by the sound of him isn’t he.

    Some of my cousins found the Facebook and insisted on visuals Geraldine: I’m with you on the ambivalence. Additionally, my computer is so old that the browser is well out of date and half of Facebook doesn’t even work.

    Mum is home at last which is a boost, many thanks for your good wishes.

  3. OS says:

    That’s lovely, Sarah. As you say, its strange how a bloody dog can fill you with so much emotion. In my long life, I’ve lost my parents; my wife, and countless good friends. But the worst grief I ever suffered was when I had to put my old, tuppence-halfpenny, crossbred black labrador bitch to sleep. A year it took me to even begin to escape from the awful feelings of despair. Doggy people will maybe know where I’m coming from, but those who don’t care for dogs will think I’m a callous sod, and that there’s something wrong with me because I love dogs more than most people. But I don’t give a shit what they think. My Tufty was the most beautiful creature I’ve met during my 70 years on this planet.

    Mitchell Stephen Davenport. Are you crackers? Yes, you must be, but it’s a great name. 😉

    Oldstokie. XX

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