Strung out like the washing

Is one of my favourite racing expressions, it’s used to describe a line of horses separated by many lengths as they head (usually wearily if this term is applied) towards the lollipop. I see this sight once a week in the village of Martham on my way to run at Winterton, it always cheers me up. It was a a proper drying day today. Mum was much brighter yesterday, should be out tomorrow.

Via Motorola, nb: not exactly David Bailey: it’s a team of football shirts

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4 Responses to Strung out like the washing

  1. makemeadiva says:

    Nice touch to have it in the front.

  2. markelt says:

    Anything to obscure the house presumably.

    Love to Mum winger x

  3. Jane Davitt says:

    Some estates over here in Ontario, you’re not allowed to hang washing out the front. Lowers the tone, don’t you know.

    Luckily not a rule in my suburb, or I’d have put a line up out of pure stubbornness. It’s so green a way of drying clothes, you’d think people would be all for it.

    Not practical right now when anything put out would freeze like a board in minutes, mind you.

    Glad your Mum’s feeling a bit better. Hope she’s out of the City General soon.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t think I could live anywhere where there’s a rule against hanging your smalls out; that’s a totalitarian regime.

    Thanks for the good wishes one and all.

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