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I have nothing to say

But I still wish to light up the calendar; Ollie and Perkins from the old days, doing stuff:

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Nearly Baltimore

I heard this drifting out of some retail outlet on Liverpool Street station today.

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How the poor stay poor

So I was in a parade of shops in a tatty quarter of Norwich, which, Norwich being Norwich, nevertheless has a quality butcher in it. I had no cash for the sausages I was intending to buy. I walked along … Continue reading

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The reason I knew there was a lounge bar round the side was that I’d met my parents there a few months earlier to celebrate my father’s sixtieth. I prevaricated over a scarf, but in the end I bought him … Continue reading

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‘Plenty of Room on Parnassus’

This was what one of my early creative writing tutors once said to a group of us scruffy art students. Later, I had to look up what Parnassus was. Anyway, today I begin teaching a group of third year undergrad … Continue reading

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Special Announcement!

I have a nephew called Joey who has always been one of my most favourite personages in history. As he is sixteen today, which does not entirely seem reasonable, the blog sees fit to show a celebratory picture of a … Continue reading

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Dylan and Sid via Motorola

The good news on Sid is that his finder, Kathy, is going to be keeping him, which, in my view, is just as it should be. The bad news on Dylan is that Sid has better recall and is better … Continue reading

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