Humble apologies/when a sister puts you straight

My post below appears to be full of wild inaccuracies. The true version of events as per Diane’s ‘comment’ –

We did indeed do a flit to the Isle of Man, and we left early one morning … I remember this as I just had time to run to my friend Beverly Baylie’s house and tell her of our immediate departure, and this is a photo of me on the ferry to the Isle of Man but taken a few years earlier; Mum took me there when I was four after they fixed my heart up … you are historically inaccurate … but I will allow you that artistic license. When we all flitted we had Shandy the golden Labrador with us (that you talked Mum into getting you) and I spent most of the trip running around and around the deck with her (‘Him, shurley?’ Ed), no time for sitting on stranger’s knees and drawing!!! My first memory of the Isle of Man is taking a bike trip to Castletown with you and Bumble and the dog and being the lovely brothers you are you left me with the dog to make my own way back, and I had to go to a police station because I had no idea how to get home.

Running up the flag for the Comments on this post; sister Macy Gray is is delivering some stuff here

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24 Responses to Humble apologies/when a sister puts you straight

  1. OS says:

    Right on, Diane, baby. You put him straight. He’s like that most of the time… gets things wrong. I have to put him right many times, and I’m twice his age. 😉


    NB: Hiya Mum, just in case you’re following this stuff. OS sends his love and special feel-good vibes to you. XXX

  2. Ovookla says:

    If I was Diane, I would say ‘And don’t call me Shirley…’

  3. mum says:

    Diane is quite right ! Can I ask are you implying Shandy was a boy ? If so the puppy she had was quite a miracle !!!!!! 🙂
    Hi Os following it all xxx

  4. OS says:

    Hah hah… he doesn’t know a bitch from a dog. I’ll lock my door when he stays here again. 🙂

    Hiya Mum. *waves handy across the ethernet* XXX

  5. Diane Watson says:

    i was about to mention that the dog was a girl mum…i am very worried about that boy

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t remember any puppies, but then I don’t seem to remember much about this dog at all; I do remember that the animal crossed the fjord every day to get a second round of meals from that gardener man who *she* eventually went to live with full time.

  7. I think you’re now getting things mixed up with Greyfriars Bobby.

  8. Markelt says:

    I’ve done it again. We’ll beat Mick to senility yet

  9. Diane Watson says:

    she had a puppy in the kennel in the back yard of the pub …it was full of rats and I hated it….but I sat with that dog for hours while she gave birth (henry would not let her in the house) she had one puppy the we sold to one of the regulars, the poor dog was terrified of henry.

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    My God, the things I forget; I think perhaps these were the days when I discovered Pale Ale* and hurling.

    What other stories have you got?

    *dear blog reader I do not touch the stuff now

  11. OS says:

    This is getting interesting. Hey, Mark, I may have RE, but there’s nowt wrong with my brain… yet.

    NB: You asked ‘over there’ what keeps me busy all day. I’ve got the twin germ carriers in residence. They’re supposed to be poorly, but I can here them downstairs doing their bloody WWE act. They call me, ‘Hornswoggle’. And then giggle. What are they giggling at? 😦

  12. Daftburger says:

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    😀 ‘See’ you in a month!

  13. Stephen Foster says:


    Where u off to, dude ; ) ?

  14. Daftburger says:

    China and he big man don’t like wordpress there you’ll be please to know!

  15. Stephen Foster says:


  16. OS says:

    The western world is going to miss your wit, Daftbugger. We may even grind to a sullen halt! 😦

    Tak care.

    OS X (ng)

  17. shep207 says:

    Haha. They either think you look like him or maybe they’re calling you Little Bastard??

  18. Daftburger says:


  19. Stephen Foster says:

    Be careful how u pronounce that: Happy Nude Dear to you too 😉


  20. bumble says:

    cor blimey……… the isle o man eh ……… my death slide at the back in the woods was the peros cojones !! and fish !!!!!!! if i had one i must of had a million trout there. floatin bread on the surface,trottin a quill float,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone still awake ?? XXXX

  21. Stephen Foster says:

    Pls don’t tell me you are so boring that your chief memory of the IoM is effing trout.

    What about when you beat up that curly-haired mullet git who thought he was the tuffest gong in Ballasalla, hmm? “Was.” This is the key word here. Because. Now. Bumble. Is. In. Town.

  22. OS says:

    LOL. That Bumble Marciano… he would have been great in The Meir in my era when all we had was orange peel, apple cores, and candle wax for sustenance… and Woodbine nippins out of the gutter for a smoke… and you had to be able to fight to get those. I could have taught him how to tickle trout; exactly where the best pignuts were to be found; how to swap sticks for rabbits… and we could have shared a chonuck. Then he could have introduced me to his sis. I’d probably have giggled at his gay bro. 😉

  23. bumble says:

    i think i,ve just realised how to (navigate ?) your blog !!!! how clever i am, erm listen, i hope i never meet any hard nuts …….. they,re just gonna want a punch up ! i,m a tree hugger now remember .

  24. bumble says:

    oh . and by the way , winning EVERY swimming award in douglas aquawatsit was another good en !! but now you,ve reminded me of spekky perm boy, he did get a tidy spankin !! shouldnt have gobbed off about being ard at OUR turnstyles then should he !!

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