I have nothing to say

But I still wish to light up the calendar; Ollie and Perkins from the old days, doing stuff:

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9 Responses to I have nothing to say

  1. Ovookla says:

    Were you playing Prefab Sprout to Perkins? Just that they’ve always produced a similar reaction in my kids…

  2. calvininjax says:

    Splendid shot. It almost looks as if it is choreographed.

    And you can see why Ollie became a star — looking straight at the camera.

  3. OS says:

    Great pic. ‘Ollie and Perkins’. Great name for a solicitors. 😉

  4. OS says:

    NB: that Perkins looks like a raging bull, and Ollie is about to go arsehole uppards in a millisecond. 🙂

  5. Ovookla says:

    I spent the day with my surrogate grandchild, Bowski, (from Lebowski) a border collie/black lab cross, happily playing Prefab Sprout tracks (well two on a compilation track) to aforementioned offspring. He couldn’t say a word, because he wanted to go and look at a van ‘a few miles in Wales’ and his car had blown up. So we drove there, and he said ‘Whose this’ and I reminded him. ‘Have I heard them?’ Yes but you were into hiphop last time I played them.’ ‘Not bad’. ‘in Wales’ turned out to be Fishguard. So we had a long time to listen. No pics though, although Bowski who was due to be de-knadgered today but missed it, got into the bed of an older woman, a spaniel called Lizzie. One last hurrah attempted.

  6. Ovookla says:

    Favourite quote from ‘The Big Lebowski’:
    Maude Lebowski ‘What do you do for recreation?’
    The Dude ‘Oh I bowl. I drive around some. The occasional acid flashback.’

  7. Ovookla says:

    Perhaps Perkins is having the occasional acid flashback, but Ollie looks quite Dude like.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Good Boy Bowski \o/

    ‘A few miles in Wales’ was good work from the lad considering you were nearly in Dublin. I hope the banger was worth it…

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Ollie often had a stoned look about him, he would peer at you in a glazed manner as if to say ‘You’re not much use to me are you, Infidel, not unless you can get me to that desert where I left the rest of my stash.’

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