Nearly Baltimore

I heard this drifting out of some retail outlet on Liverpool Street station today.

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3 Responses to Nearly Baltimore

  1. OS says:

    You’re in trouble!

    Thomas, to his Mum: I won’t be a minute… I’m going for a waz.

    Mum: I beg your pardon?!!!

    Thomas: That’s what winger says.

    Mum: Wait ’till I get my hands on him!!!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Pls tell Our Sharon that I’m not sure of the etymology of that word but that I don’t think it’s especially rude.

  3. OS says:

    Maybe not, but when he puts his hand up in class and says, “Please Miss, Can I go for a waz”, it won’t look too good on her CV, because you know wot she does for a living. 🙂

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