Special Announcement!

I have a nephew called Joey who has always been one of my most favourite personages in history. As he is sixteen today, which does not entirely seem reasonable, the blog sees fit to show a celebratory picture of a typical Joey pose as of when he was merely twelve or something and also the super cake which his loving Mam has made.

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2 Responses to Special Announcement!

  1. OS says:

    Let me be the first on this blog to congratulate Joey on his 16th. If you’re reading this, Joey, you’re now of an age that when your mam gives you stick, you can sod off and go and live with your uncle Stephen, and your mam can’t do owt about it. 😉

    Well, not by law she can’t, but if your mam is still as boisterous as she was when she was your age, you’ll get your arse kicked big style and you won’t be going anywhere. 🙂

    Lovely cake!!! I can’t eat chocolate cus it gives me a massive headache, but my grandkids would die for that!

    Happy B’day, Joey.

  2. Chiffs says:

    Happy Birthday Joey!
    I won’t embarrass you by recounting how you actually brought the house down when I first met you. It was something to do with a hammock and a ceiling and a dive off the top of the wardrobe . . .

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