Second Comings

Are notoriously difficult, especially in football (though Second Coming is the Stone Roses greatest album). Which manager has returned to any club and seriously done the business? Anyway, this is not in homage to King Kenny, rather it is in recognition of tremendous and wondrous things going on at Bloomfield Rd at a club to whom we were once kind enough to loan Sir Stan.

Orange on Yellow, Mark Rothko, 1956

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16 Responses to Second Comings

  1. Nick King says:

    I think twitchy Harry is doing ok, and Super Tone is doing bally well considering he hasn’t got a clue according to some folks.

    btw are you going to come and visit the deadotters before a game this season?

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You were in like Flynn there Kingo; I thought it might be at least 20 minutes before SuperTone was mentioned.

    However, Lou is the correct answer 😉

    I’d like to deadotter, but as I’ve never managed it b4 I don’t make it a short price…

  3. Nick King says:

    you need to sort out your travelling arrangements, you can get the 6A Turnhurst Rd from right outside the pub 😀

  4. OS says:

    Nick… are you sure a gayish/foppish winger would go unscathed at the DO. He might lose his virginity in that cultish place. 😉


    That’s for the bootifil Orange and not partickularly Rothco.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Cultish. Is that right?

  6. markelt says:

    Your comment about The Stone Roses is wilfully contrarian.

    Any album that contains this:

    is the output of a band with no editorial control. They could of at least had the grace to end it after 45 seconds when we’d got the point.

    See also The White Album and that last bloody awful Red Hot Chilli Peppers double album.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    I’d never heard of it but anyone who buys a RHCP double album gets what they deservre since as far as I can tell that band have only got one song.

  8. markelt says:

    Incidentally. Foz was the hidden track when I bought it on CD. When you have it on an iPod it just becomes another song. Hidden tracks are usually rubbish and self-indulgent but this takes the biscuit.

    PS The best hidden track what was ever wrote is C***s Are Still Running The World by Jarvis Cocker. The best song on the album is the hidden one, nice one Jarvis.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    I suppose by the law of averages he had to write a decent song at some point.

    I think there’s a good hidden track on Natalie Imbruglia’s first album but I can’t quite remember.

  10. markelt says:

    Don’t just take my word for it.

  11. OS says:

    An XXX rated Fantastic!!!… Fantabulous!!!… Crazy Man!!!

    God!!!! I wish I was 50 years younger!!! I’d be the new Che Guevara: the new Guy Fucks (and I’d do it right with no balls ups!), and I’d be throwing fire extinguishers!!!!

    Well done Greyers!!! 😉

  12. johnnyneptune says:

    surprised elt isn’t sat down in front of this blogpage moaning about not understanding it and demanding we kick on cos he’s hungry 🙂

  13. Rory says:

    I actually liked that whole Jarvis album… much more than his recent album.

    In many ways, I see the whole “C**** are still running the world” theme being far more applicable over here now than when he released it. There’s going to be a whole generation of American Youth who are going to be more despondent than usual about politics now that they see they were sold one hell of a bill of goods last presidential election. Sadly, we’ve seen too much this week about how an anarchistic youth vent out against authority/society.

  14. markelt says:

    I quite liked his last album Rory although I agree with you. I think it lacked some of the old Richard Hawley fairy dust

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    Ely needs ten pints and a bottle of Sanc before he is in any fit condition to mention how this art stuff is shite.

  16. Rory says:

    You know what’s odd… I didn’t care for any of the Richard Hawley stuff I’ve heard for.

    On a further note of music, I’ve rather enjoyed the last few Stereophonic’s cd’s. Neither of the last two were instant favorites but upon relistening to them I grew to love them.

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