I wish my missus wuz this dirty!

Your usual van-dirt scrawl speaks volumes about its author but today I followed a vehicle down the A47 which had been attended to by a more than usually romantic soul. Unfortunately, and even via Motorola , you can’t actually see it, but high up on the back of that shutter door there’s the outline of a heart.

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4 Responses to I wish my missus wuz this dirty!

  1. Kathy says:

    That’s High Heart Art.

  2. Daftburger says:

    She is with the right person LOL! 😀

  3. Rory says:

    That’s the funniest graffiti I’ve read since someone scribled on the bathroom wall “Kristen Golf Sucked my D***, It was TERRIBLE!”

    Another classic is those handblowers in the bathroom to dry your hands with. Some have a diagram showing how to use them with little red lines comming out of the vent… I read one once where someone said: Step 1 push button, Step 2, Remove tastey bacon treat.

    And finally, while traveling South this summer I saw a bathroom wall where people had scribbled a few Bible Versus, such as “John 3:16”, someone under those wrote: “enny 867:5309″in the same style! I laughed so hard I was worried what people were thinking outside the bathroom!

  4. Rory says:

    That was “Jenny: 867:5309” sorry for the slight typo.

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