For Ovookla

Dogs from the Greyhound Racing Association Kennels being exercised by a kennel maid. From Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, 1962

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7 Responses to For Ovookla

  1. Ovookla says:

    See? Mad colours, insane hair – but admittedly the dogs look grand.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    That hair is well sensible.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    The dogs look in perpetual motion whereas everything else is spookily static (hair included probably).

  4. Ovookla says:

    How very well-observed makemeadiva. Also can I add that SF’s mum did sixties hair just so much better than the photographed posh bint above. The picture has that strange aura of an old knitting pattern. Talking of SF’s Mum, I was ‘away’ at the time of the nuptials, by ‘away’ I mean hungover to the point of brain-damage, so I hope that all has gone well. Chemo is not, in my experience, the time for a new ‘do’, but loved the choice of wedding music, which being a Motown girl, I didn’t expect.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Yes, makemeadivea has read the image there all right. I loved the music too; it was most unexpected; I was thinking today what did they have the last time I was at a wedding and the answer I came up with was: hymns.

  6. Ovookla says:

    They played 633 squadron as we went back into the flats on campus after my wedding. How apt – a war theme. I looked at Calvin’s website. Fabulous. I may have to get drunk all over again.

  7. markelt says:

    Those colours are familiar to me from ancient football annuals.

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