Newquay 1972

You’d never guess that the kid on the left was the best super lightweight scrapper in any school playground you could care to mention, would you? Mother was feeling much better yesterday.

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17 Responses to Newquay 1972

  1. Daftburger says:

    Meir Juniors? Weston Coyney Juniors (filled with Colvilleites), Sandon Road Juniors?

    Glad Mum’s feeling better, Stoke didn’t help! Pulis Out!!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Chell Middle – Chell High School and he’d take the lot of yer.

  3. Daftburger says:

    Well my dad (R.I.P. :()came from Sandyford and quite regularly battered you lot over the railway line. I’m guessing the lad is now in his early seventies?

  4. Daftburger says:

    P.S. Is that an early feather cut?

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    I’d say that was a ‘home made’ early feather cut burger, which would really have meant that I did it : )

  6. Chiffs says:

    Are the turn-ups meant to be fashionable?

  7. OS says:

    I think, ChiffS, they are done to display his colour coded pully and socks. Even at that young age, he was showing distinct signs of gayness.

    Daftbugger: OS is a Sandyford boy, too, yer know. Before The Meir that is.

    Pulis is an utter winker of the highest order. Its many years since I saw such ineptness. To go 2-0 down and retain the deadly duo forward line of Jones and Walters for the next 40 minutes, thinking they had even a remote change of getting us back into the game, was lunacy.

    Pulis Out!

  8. Daftburger says:

    Shortly after this photo was taken wonder web was invented and turnups were a thing of the past!

    I know OS we had this conversation a few years ago after my dad died as I though you may have known him……….. don’t you remember? 😉 Isn’t St Peter from that neck of the woods?

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Walters is good, his ball for the second at Blackburn was sublime and he scored some goals too.

  10. Markelt says:

    wonderweb always used to fail slightly, giving trousers a half-hem.

    I had pumps like that.

    Point three – winger appears to have his collar up under his jumper, an early sign of the middle class gay pansy that was to bloom later.

    If that’s Bumble, he looks like Jack.

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    My deck shoes (not pumps) have the elasticated side vent you may notice, not the rubbish top vent of Bumble’s.

    I’m not sure the Mogul will entirely agree with your comparison.

  12. Daftburger says:

    Shall I compare thee to a summers gay Part 4.

    One boy in shorts and tee shirt. One in pullover and jeans?

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    I wouldn’t say that to Bumble if I was you, burger.

  14. OS says:

    >I wouldn’t say that to Bumble if I was you, burger.

    Behind a key bord, like me, Daftbugger can say what he likes to whom he likes. 🙂

    I went fishing for rimmers this morning and caught quite a few. 😉

  15. OS says:

    I think St Peter might be, DB. He might even have gone to Hollywall lane skool with me.

  16. OS says:

    Bumble looks as though he needs a good meal of chip shop pig’s trotters, or pied de cochon to winger. And, yes, I would say it to his face. 😉

  17. bumble says:

    hmmm… both steve and os do av a point daft burgler,but under current circumstances i,m gonna have to give you a break, i,m currently in the potteries and still a very mellow dood,so there.X.

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