Bah humbug with cranberries coulis

Channel 1: Jamie’s Super Christmas
Channel 2: Gordon’s Super Christmas
Channel 3: Nigel’s Super Christmas
Channel 4: Nigella’s Super Christmas
Channel 5: Eau de Cologne’s Super Christmas
Channel 6: Hugh’s Super Christmas
Channel 7: Hugh’s Gran’s Super Christmas
Channel 8: Strictly Bruce’s Super Christmas
Channel 9: Super Christmas for Every Shopper on Shopping Channel 9
Channel 10: Hard Core Super Christmas with Chocolate Log

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7 Responses to Bah humbug with cranberries coulis

  1. OS says:

    Hah hah @ No 10. Greyers knows the proper name for that sort of stuff. Hah hah.

    You’ll get your proper card on the day we play Fulham, along with your it’s-the-thought-that-counts gifts. I sent you an e-card in the meantime… if you can work out how to build the snowman. 🙂


  2. Markelt says:

    At some point, telly will cross the cookery show event horizon and collapse in on itself and we can all go back to eating beans on toast and mum’s overcooked sunday roast.

    I watched that Nigella on telly the other day. She’s turned into a parody of herself and I wonder at what point the whole slurpy pneumatic cock magnet thing will start to unravel. What do women make of her?

  3. Kathy says:

    I too watched that Nigella person last night for the fist time ever I think she is probably really scary to live with and eat with so I’m sticking to Fanny Craddock. I bet she could muster up a lovely big log in her day. Happy Christmas Stephen and all your bloggers.

  4. johnny neptune says:

    you forgot rick stein you silly authorcnut

    happy easter, apparently 🙂 x

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    There’s no plaice for fish in Christmas, neptune,

  6. Daftburger says:

    Christmas with no tin of salmon?

  7. Ovookla says:

    I’ve had it already this Christmas already.
    No 1 son ‘So anyway I’ve checked with Emily (girlfriend) and No 2, and we definitely said we wanted duck, and what have you got – a bloody turkey.’
    Me: ‘I like turkey..’
    No 1: ‘I know but it could be dry…’
    Me (feebly): ‘Well I can still smell the duck that No 2 brought last year that had gone off.’
    No 1: Well I suppose we’ll have to chew our way through it..
    Me to Me in head ‘No you **** ing don’t, **** off all of you.
    I whine about this to a posh-but-lovely friend who said
    ‘I spent the worst Christmas of my entire life, soaking a turkey in a barrel of water with vegetables because of sodding Nigella and her mad ideas about having a succulent turkey. ‘
    Said lovely friend then sent me an email with a rudish photo of Nigella and the sympathetically wise comment
    ‘I know ahbsolutely bloody terrifying. Stick to the turkey and stop moaning. There are worse things.’

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