Meet Sid

Sam, who took Lemon from us, emailed me last week that there was this Ollie-like pup and story about; Sid was found wandering on the A47 about ten weeks ago by Kathy, who we have met twice this week. He is six/seven months, more than likely of traveller provenance, and comes with the inevitable long story involving his health: Extract from Kathy’s first email: Woke next morning to the most foul smell ever. Sick/diarrhea everywhere. Back to vets. Parvovirus diagnosed…

In short, if they don’t get their mother’s milk, pups are in trouble. The lucky ones like Sid find someone like Kathy to take care of them. Dylan, most unusually for him, likes Sid and has had a good run round with him. In fact, when I think about it, Sid may be the first running dog Dylan has liked since Ollie. They may become mates…

The bottom picture is from Kathy; she says he looks like the front of a draft excluder.

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4 Responses to Meet Sid

  1. Daftburger says:

    He’s got massive


  2. sam says:

    Isnt he gorgeous 😀 I was saying after my first encounter with him. I dont think there is anything more beautiful in this world than a five month old Saluki pup. I think its their trump card. “Fall in love with me, Im taking you on an adventure!” Youd never go if they hadnt taken hold of your heart 😉

    Hes wonderful tho and a total credit to Kathy and her gang. I thought he and Dilly would hit it off they have the same “happy vibe” So glad they did.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    All true : )

    We are up Earlham Park in the morning if you want to join in Sam; about 9.30…

  4. Patty Gross says:

    He’s fantastic. I love him! Must be fate that you came across this pup. He’s meant for you…..and Dylan!

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