I didn’t know where it was before but it’s in Mexico. I woke up early this morning and there they were, several smug scientists in a row queuing up to talk, in that smug way they have, as if they know everything, and as though if you don’t follow their advice then Armageddon is all you can expect. Really? It wasn’t me that flew half way across the world to join ‘delegates from 190 nations’ and used up a million gallons of jet fuel in order to make sure I can keep on waffling while collecting a salary from the University of Knowing It All and Pontificating About It. I didn’t contribute to that.

One of the arguments for staying in bed longer is that you don’t have to hear that stuff and burn up precious reserves of your planet’s anger, though I suppose that is a renewable resource.

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2 Responses to Cancun

  1. Daftburger says:

    Been there done that (place) and burnt up the fuel. Luckily you, the UK taxpayer, paid for everything! 😛 Happy Hour = tequila yeee haaaa! Problem was it was full of Americans! :-\

    It was in 1984 before we had global warming ha ha ha ha ha you fuels!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Fuels v good topp 10/10

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