I’ve never had a scanner in the house, which is just as well or this blog might have been rather banal* over the years, full of images of paperclips and bus tickets. I remember using a colour photocopier for the first time at art school and then going slightly bonkers and colour photocopying everything I loved just to see how images reproduced with slight, or sometimes large, tonal differences and became new objects in their own right with their own discrete auras. Anyway, I am getting friendly with the guy in Prontaprint Norwich at the moment as I am having him scan a few old photos from Mum’s. He charges 20p a time, which is less that the colour photocopies were at Art School (50p). This one below is a still from a Mike Leigh film.

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  1. Nick King says:

    Are you really Simon Parrott, of a Miner incident fame?

  2. Nick King says:

    something terrible has happened and i am not sure i just do not now what to do about it and it has only just happened and i hav not told anyone downstairs yet but it envolves the new scanner and i have been scanning things on it for days like pictures and tea bags and things as it is lets you get really close and i was just doing it to pass the time and learn the controls but then i thought i should scan something that is not flat in to it so i ran downstairs a bit ago and got a lump of coal from the fire place and then went back up stairs and i must of been hyped up and excited at at the time as i ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut and banged the coal down on to the scanner to hard and it has broke the glass completly there are no sparks coming out of it just a big lump of coal sticking out of the top and i try to shut the lid but it is still there inside and if my step dad finds this he will not be to all be not all that happy with me and carl is out at the moment so i can not ask him i was wondering if anyone nows about scanners maybe bongo or pear and they can tell me how to fix the glass or if we need a new one as it costs 100 pounds and maybe i could go dixons tommorow and by another and set it up as my step dad will not me home till tommorow night and maybe i could remove the coal and put a blanket over it in the meantime but it is just one of the things i can not believe this has happened i have not felt this bad since sjoke beat us a long time ago and it was at the council house and then at the end it was foyle who smacked a power volley like baston and it was going in but then there keeper illigaly used his hands to stop the ball on the goal line and another player touched the ball in the first half but this is beside the point i feel all burning in my arms i can not understand why i slammed the coal down so hard

  3. OS says:

    Primary comment due to a lack of available time.

    Kingy, isn’t that copy… right? 😉

    I’ll be back later…

    Hold on…


  4. Stephen Foster says:

    If he hadn’t already slammed the coal down so hard the scanner he could of scanned the TOTAL GOAL EXPLOSION and seen what that looked like in 3D print out!

  5. OS says:

    I always thought you had a few gay bones in your body, Nick, but a ‘boy named Sue!’ That’s really taking the piss. 😉


    The gun on the wall worries me. But, I like the brass alladin’s lamp and the brass lady. And the brass goblet. The teddy bear??? Out of place, but I suppose it has some sort of sentimental reason to be there. I had a fire like that, but we didn’t have pin stripe wallpaper, or marble paper. That’s really gay, as is the crooked pikture.

    I’m trying to work out who’s who? Fag on, but what’s the hat about? The Scotch plaid is in evidence again. Is there something you haven’t old us, Jock?

    ‘Fun in theFoster Household’ would be a good name for this pik. It’s got me giggling anyway! 🙂


  6. markelt says:

    We had a fire exactly like that, even down to the random pieces of whatever on top of it. No gun on the wall though.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    It’s not a gun it’s a blunderbuss. A lot of this ornamentage is to do with Henry the Spanish.

    The tartan kecks is a worrying recurring theme isn’t it; I reckon those are to do with post-punk seditionaries bondage. That is brother Bumble, btw, before one of his makeovers.

  8. markelt says:

    I seem to recall a picture of Bumble wearing a kilt. Your mum must have started it with her homemade tartan keks. Freudian childhood dreams of Scottishness infect your heads.

  9. markelt says:

    Incidentally, isn’t it odd I can remember a crappy childhood gas fire from a house in Maybank over thirty years ago but couldn’t describe in detail the one from my last house? Wanky literary oneupmanship demands that we recognise gas fires and enamel plates of ‘cheese’ as our madeleines.

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Only childhood memories stay with us for ever, you’ve already said as much with your Freudian allusions: try to keep up with yourself.

    Where’s your Middle Class Kyle memoir anyway?

  11. markelt says:

    I don’t think the world is ready for it and new chapters are being written every day.

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Email me private and I’ll put it up as a lead post. Nobody reads this place.

  13. bumble says:

    you,ve got an odd bunch of regulars mate !!! still…….. i,m realy feelin the love in that piccy !!!! love you toobro.XX.

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    You seem to be resisting but you know it’s futile : )

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