Some people don’t like the snow

But look at this from my friend J, of the insightful comments regarding Russian Dolls and the ages of children (which has subsequently made me think, ‘Does this happen in reverse, from the child’s perspective?). It is a picture of ‘on the A4 between Calne and Beckhampton.’ I bet it’s not always as wonderous down there.

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5 Responses to Some people don’t like the snow

  1. OS says:

    A Winter Wonderland. I like it. So much so, that I’ve pinched it, and I’ve now got it as my desktop. 😉

  2. makemeadiva says:

    The shadows are interesting.

  3. I'llmarmaliseyah. says:

    Hoare frost nearly always produces spectacular scenery like that seen in the photo.

  4. calvininjax says:

    Or even wondrous. 😉

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    pedent 😉

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