Tartan Bib and Brace with Beehive

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16 Responses to Tartan Bib and Brace with Beehive

  1. mum says:

    OMG and I think I made them !!! ( sewing and knitting being the thing then ) . The snow things are nice though 🙂 🙂

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I think the best way to look at it is to ignore the *psychological issues* and say that the world would never of had Strides without them. xx

  3. Geraldine says:

    Amazing! And I don’t think you mentioned the Bay City Rollers once in Strides, which is my favourite of all your books.

  4. markelt says:

    Eeeh. Kids today don’t know they’re born. Not only did mother mek us dress in homemade tartan dungarees, we couldn’t afford grass.


  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Geralidine, I think it’s my favourite too; some traumas have to be buried underneath both the sub and un-concious, hence no Bye Bye Baby or Shang-shang-a-langs in any of my ‘oeuvres.’ : )

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    What you couldn’t afford on grass you spent in making housebricks into an exciting edging for the border.

  7. bumble says:

    cor blimey !!!!!! ive spent many a happy hour knockin them bricks down,simply because i wanted to rebuild em into a nicer shaped border !!! but my main reason for stikkin me nose in,,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,, thats got to be market drayton,but,granny,s ?? me finks so. and stephey (does that sound right?) …… your hairstyle has been unchanged for gettin on to half a century !! RESPEK !!!

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks for your perceptive remark about my barnet but can you please advise me what language this is that you’re writing in?

    Yes, that is Granny’s, Market Drayton. A dog will come round the corner and mark the corner of the wall any moment now.

  9. OS says:

    I just can’t believe this! *bangs head on keyboard* But it’s beginning to make sense now. You’re wearing sandals, and it’s raining. The first signs of weirdness are beginning to show. Did you bite Mum’s knee in one of your tantrums? You bastrad!

  10. Daftburger says:

    You ignorant gits! There’s no grass as those borders would have been used to grow vegetables for the war effort! Bet if you could pan left there’d be a pig sty and some chickens! 😀

    Did you ever go the open air swimming baths in Market Drayton? They were ace for us Stokies and a holiday in a day if you know what I mean!

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    Many a time when we stayed with our cousins for summer holidays. It was like California there + top bombing from the sort of diving platform you could land on other swimmers from : )

  12. markelt says:

    All this talk of Market Drayton and homemade tartan keks has ruined winger’s carefully cultivated image as a snot-nosed, soot-streaked Tunstall urchin, running the backs and dreaming of bread and dripping.

    I reckon the lack of grass is because the deer on the estate have grazed it all.

  13. OS says:

    You’re right, Mark. Only OS can really boast of coming from a deprived background. *Cue – orange peel, apple cores, and candle wax.* 🙂

    Daftbugger. Those baths were frozzen!

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    I think that may be the cue for the next pikture of family history…

  15. anjali says:

    Good shoes. Not sure about the romper, though showing a bit of ankle gets you respect.

  16. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks : )

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