Before we have more tartan trousers

Brief interlude for a mention of Lemon (known as Fen/Fendigo now). I received an email from Samantha, who looks after him with her great pack, this morning, as follows:

The boy is doing very well btw. I still have to be a little selective about when I let him run but him and Lex have been getting on really nicely recently. Some lovely running and sparring (rather than harassment – from him) and teaching (from her). He completely over shot when chasing her up the slope between the sports fields the other day: went about three foot in the air then forgot about landing – he’s a total numpty really!!

He has his 15 jumpers on and has developed an appetite … hes never going to be fat but he has a definite covering over his pin bones now 🙂 Hope all is well etc…

If you had ever seen Lemon ‘up to his stuff’ you would have an even better image of a crash landing than Sam gives there, which is good enough anyway, I think.

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4 Responses to Before we have more tartan trousers

  1. Geraldine says:

    Good to hear that Lemon is happy!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    He’s a top dog, we see him once in a while which is a bit heartbreaking, more so for me than for T, though, who remembers some especially bad episodes involving cats (enough said…). He is clearly totally happy where he is, that’s the main thing, and when Dylan sees him he hides from him : )

  3. sam crouchman says:

    Hes a lovely boy – Who makes us laugh everyday 🙂 most recently with the cold and snow he has on occasion had to make do with reliving himself in the yard (hes been known to hold on for twenty four hours rather than weeing within the boundry) he then had to cover it with snow which he delicately manovered with that oh so dainty snout of his. Spending probably five minutes getting it just right. Saluk to the core. We feel so lucky to have him in our lives. He still loves cats.. (and a fair selection of dogs) be he is so giving with his affection toward us and so much more entertaining than daytime television it seems a fair trade off.

    We rehomed a couple of ex battery hens recently which has been another interesting little chapter. The hens becoming acustomed to the dogs alot quicker than the dogs becoming accustomed to the hens 😉

    “Princely habits” is one of his many pet names 😀 and currently my favorite! x

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I love dogs that refuse to do their business at home, Ollie was another, unless it was dire emergency involving the consuming of curry : )

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