I Never Leave Dylan Tied up Outside a Shop

For more or less all the same reasons I would never leave my child tied up outside a shop with the additional reason that he is a loony and there would be zero percent chance of him being there when I returned. But, here, courtesy of Johnny Neptune* of Bournemouth is a story of a lady who did and how it all went wrong and then right again. It contains one of the world’s most immortal local rag sentences:

She chased after the man with her bags of shopping and a broken shoulder and became “hysterical” when she confronted him.

* Ian Johnson downloaded your song and I went out of my way to give you a shout out & mentioned your name on air, Johnny. But then we ran out of time and never played it.

Dylan, thirty-five seconds after I left him tied up outside Woolworths that time

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4 Responses to I Never Leave Dylan Tied up Outside a Shop

  1. johnny neptune says:

    that’s ok, i wasn’t listening anyway

    that’s the EDF Energy website of the year you’re mocking.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You might not of been listening but I bet you can’t put your hand on your heart and tell me you didn’t feel the vibe in the air.

  3. johnny neptune says:

    to be fair you’re right. having just ate my tea i put it down to heartburn but it could have been your tender heartfelt shout out reaching out to me across the ether

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    You know it.

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