Hang the DJ

Tonight, pop pickers, I’ll be standing in for Ian Johnson on ‘Ian and Rosie at Home’ on Future FM, a Norwich community radio station. I don’t know what Ian’s doing but he can’t be there. The usual format of the show is a mildly muso with occasional bickering and topical insights Richard and Judy of the airwaves. The possible difficulty will be that it’s Ian who’s the muso and Rosie who’s the foil. I’m no muso, au contraire (*warms up*) and I totally recoil at expressions like ‘slide guitar’ and ‘pedal steel’ which are one short remove from blokes with beards at an Arts Centre and the boringest night of your life. Rosie is my oldest and greatest friend from Art School, she’s exceptionally talented and made an armchair in the style of a huge strawberry for part of her degree show piece and also once wrote a tremendous poem about Pepsi Cola. However, I have never had to be her stand-in husband before so this could be a test.

Dear Listener, as they always say in radio land, you can catch to it here between 8 and 10pm.

Alan Partridge. I might as well say it first.

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14 Responses to Hang the DJ

  1. johnny neptune says:

    is that another name for north norfolk digital?


    endless art

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t think so, I think it’s different.

    I like that but only until about 1.45 after which I’ve had enough of it. Should of been shorter.

  3. Rosie Johnson says:

    Well said Stephen.
    Your acute observation of the muso/foil ratio has been my main concern, however I grilled Ian for twenty minutes (about the same time it took to grill the dinner) last night to procure a few muso facts!

  4. johnny neptune says:

    well just play half of it then.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Do you think one could actually download that thing. Am not imagining it will be on their library.

  6. johnny neptune says:

    i expect you could find it on t’web somewhere. get the mogul on it, he knows people.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    I once met a horse breeder who told me she vomited on the spot if the foal was a filly. I imagine the Mogul would do something most similar if you confronted him with that. It’s hardly Tinie Templar is it?

  8. makemeadiva says:

    *Tempah* – keep up DJ 😉

  9. johnny neptune says:

    i don’t know – i’d quite like to see roger moore go grime.

  10. markelt says:

    Who the hell is Stephen Forster? I listened to that for two minutes thinking; this doesn’t sound like Winger.

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    Forster? You must of been on the wrong station you clown.

  12. markelt says:

    How dare you. It was on that link what you wrote.

    There was another bloke on called Stephen Forster here http://www.futureradio.co.uk/podcast/2010/november/7-ages-man-steve-forster

    I assumed they’d transcribed your name wrong owing to your plummy pronunciation of your surname.

    I only looked it up so I could listen to you playing Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    If you’re going round the web looking for podcasts of personages with a plummy voice who’ve got a v similar name to mine I can only draw two conclusions about you grey man.

  14. markelt says:

    I didn’t. It was on that link you posted. Now do one, as they say.

    I don’t remember Bela Lugosi’s Dead being as crap as it is.

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