Andy Roddick

While was watching the Tennis World Series Finals from the O2 last night I was reminded that this player is the single tennis pro since JP McEnroe to say anything that was either a) remotely amusing or b) demonstrated any cognisance of the world outside the tour. For more than two decades now all I’ve ever heard any tennis player say is either a) I upped my game, or b) my backhand is/isn’t working well.

Last Wimbledon the Queen dropped by, the first time she’d done so since the Jubilee in 1977. After queueing for a day pass she was led by a parade of players. Roddick was later asked what they had talked about. This was his answer: ‘She said she loved my work in American Pie.’ He may have used it before, and it might not quite be Oscar Wilde, but it’s something. Also, I have high regard for the guy because he slogs his guts out but so often comes up that tiny fraction short. Last night he lost 1-2 to Nadal, 3-6, 7-6, 6-4. That’s sixteen games each but the margin is where the margin is.



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